GMC May Go Rogue With a New Platform


The GMC brand under General Motors’ four-brand umbrella has contributed little more than gussied-up, re-skinned versions of existing Chevrolet models with some added perks and a different badge. However, that might be set to change if some recent speculation from the rumor mill has any weight.

Mark Reuss, GM’s global product chief, said the company is working on “at least one GMC product that would not share its underpinnings with a Chevy,” Automotive News reports. “Oh yes, you will,” Reuss said at the debut of the new GMC Canyon at the North American International Auto Show last week.

Aside from that, he gave no further indication as far as what kind of vehicle it would be, where in the development process it is, or when anyone could expect its arrival.

“The health of GMC is astonishingly good from a consideration standpoint,” Reuss told Automotive News, noting that GMC’s strong price point and its appeal to non-General Motors consumers are further reasons to invest more of GM’s attention, money, and energy into the brand.


GMC’s products — like the Sierra, Canyon, and Terrain — are differentiated from their Chevy counterparts in many ways but ultimately live on the same platforms used for GM’s bow tie brand. The new GMC product would step out from that strategy, offering GMC its first brand-specific vehicle.

However, Reuss was keen to point out that GM is not stepping back to when GMC had a largely independent production development operation with its own engines and platforms.

GM’s global design chief, Ed Welburn, told Automotive News last week that GMC’s design studio is “as busy as it’s ever been” and has several concepts under development, but noted that all the products under consideration currently are “all trucks.”