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The GMC Hummer EV challenges any doubts a person might have about the potential power of an electric vehicle. General Motors revived the notoriously inefficient Hummer name and turned it into an electrified beast, and early sales numbers have shown that the public approves. However, despite the Hummer EV’s off-road capabilities, it might not be a particularly waterproof vehicle. 

Release of the GMC Hummer EV

A white GMC Hummer parked indoors.
GMC Hummer | Getty Images

For years, the Hummer brand went completely unused by GM. Once a rather large symbol of wealth, the gas-powered Hummer was a mammoth of a vehicle that proved impractical for most drivers. GM had to wait for the right opportunity if it wanted to bring back the Hummer name, and there was no better time to reintroduce the Hummer than to show off what EVs can do. 

The GMC Hummer EV comes standard as a pickup truck, but the manufacturer has also introduced an SUV model. According to Engadget, there have been more than 70,000 Hummer EV reservations, surpassing even the most optimistic initial estimates.

However, production has been slow, meaning that most buyers have not yet been able to get behind the wheel of the new electric Hummer. However, the company has stated that the speed of production will improve.

While the reception to the GMC Hummer EV has been primarily positive, issues raise the question of how waterproof the new Hummer is.

Potential water damage in the Hummer EV

Waterproofing issues in the GMC Hummer EV can likely be traced to improper sealing in specific panels on the vehicle. Carscoops states that water can get into the sealed areas and eventually corrode a line connector. This issue mainly affects mechanisms in the doors, such as locks and power windows. It can even trigger the Hummer EV’s car alarm system. 

Water may also get past another seal and corrode a high-voltage connector in the Hummer EV, which could present more of an issue. If this occurs, water could get to the vehicle’s battery. 

The good news for Hummer EV owners is that the issues are pretty straightforward. A technician must only seal the vulnerable areas properly if the electrical mechanisms have not yet been damaged. In the event of water damage, some parts may need to be replaced as well. Due to the high voltage danger of the battery issue, the process will require extra care from a technician, but again, the fix itself is not complicated or expensive.

A unique “crab walk” feature sets the Hummer EV apart

Even with the potential waterproofing issues, there are still a lot of impressive details about the new GMC Hummer EV. 

Car and Driver state that the Hummer EV uses three electric motors, and their combined power makes 1,000 horsepower. With this power, the Hummer EV can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in a blistering 3.3 seconds. That number seems more likely to come from a supercar than a massive pickup, but the Hummer EV can do it. The Hummer EV also sports a noteworthy range for any EV, as the manufacturer estimates it can travel 329 miles per charge.

For drivers who take the Hummer EV off-road and want a bit more maneuverability, the vehicle includes a unique “crab walk” feature. Using this feature, drivers can steer all four wheels to make the Hummer EV drive in a diagonal direction. As cool as this feature and the Hummer EV are overall, though, the vehicle’s price tag may be prohibitively expensive. Models of the new electric Hummer start at over $110,295, so the Hummer EV will likely maintain its place as a status symbol.


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