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The market is buzzing with new electric vehicles that break the mold. The GMC Hummer EV, Tesla Model X, and Rivian R1S are all trucks that do just that. What makes these trucks all-around capable SUVs? That depends on what specs are important to you.

2024 GMC Hummer EV vs. Rivian R1S – Range and power

The 2024 GMC Hummer EV SUV off-roading
2024 GMC Hummer EV SUV | GMC

Big trucks and electric vehicles were not always the same. But we are leaving that behind and embracing the 2024 GMC Hummer EV as it is. MotorTrend compares all three SUVs. From what we know now, the Hummer EV will come in a few trims. The Edition 1, EV2X, and EV3X.

All trim levels are slated to have three electric motos capable of getting an estimated 300 miles on a charge. GMC claims the Hummer EV will have 803 hp and 11,500 lb ft of torque, but MotorTrend says that number isn’t very accurate.

The number MotorTrend claimed was around 1,045 lb ft of torque, which is a difference, but not a huge one. The lesser Hummer motors came in at around 625 hp and 617 ft lb of torque, with a 250-mile range.

For the Rivian R1S, the numbers are straight from Rivian. The top-level trim has a 180kWh battery with an estimated 400-mile range. That has not been tested in real life yet.

It also has an estimated 900 hp from the biggest battery the company offers. The torque is rated at 800 lb ft and claims a three-second zero to 60 number.

Are you taking the new Hummer or Rivian off-road?

The Hummer has around 13 inches of suspension travel, four-wheel steering, and optional 37-inch tires. It also has CrabWalk Mode to crab walk out of sticky situations. The breakover and departure angles for the Hummer are 34.4 and 45.6 degrees.

The Hummer EV also has an inverter in the truck to power off-roading accessories and comes with an optional Extreme Off-Road pack. This would come with smaller wheels with all-terrain tires, armor for the underbody to protect it from whatever you might run into, rock sliders, and a variety of other off-road-specific additions.

Though we haven’t seen much of the Rivian in action yet, the company says it will be a capable off-roading machine. Each of the wheels has its own dedicated motor to help get you out of sticky situations.

The Rivian R1S also comes with air suspension standard that ranges from 8.1 inches to 14.4 inches. The approach, departure, and breakover angles come in at 34, 30, and 28.9 degrees. This makes it fairly capable of taking on whatever you throw at it off-road, but the Hummer probably still wins.

Which SUV is the right choice for you?

Since all of the options here are electric vehicles, it depends on what you will use your EV for. Both options seat at least five people and will get you to your destination safely.

The Hummer is pretty big, measuring 126.7 inches at the wheelbase. It is 86.7 inches wide and 206.7 inches long, including the spare tire on the back. The Rivian is 121.1 inches at the wheelbase. It is 79 inches wide and 200.7 inches long.

The 2024 Hummer EV SUV Edition 1 starts at $105,595. The Extreme Off-Road trim will add another $5,000. That puts you up past $110,000 to start.

MotorTrend notes that some of the other Hummer models will drop in price to $80,000 or so. The Hummer, though, is a 2024 model. That’s a long way away from waiting for your new toy.

The Rivian is priced at $77,500 for the top-of-the-line truck with the Adventure Package. The baseline starts at around $70,000, making it a bit more affordable. It won’t be out until early 2022 for the most part, but that’s still better than the Hummer.


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