GMC Adds Black Package for 2020 Sierra

For 2020 GMC has layered a special “Black Package” over its Elevation Package, adding a few extra optional components wrapped into a single package. First, let’s look at the Elevation Package.

Available only in the Sierra double cab, SLE double cab, and Crew Cab models, the Elevation Package adds a monochromatic paint scheme with a few bits of chrome sparkle. Body-color grille surround, bumpers, moldings, mirrors, and door handles identify the Elevation options. Unique badging and black 20-inch wheels finish off the changes found on the exterior. You can get the package with either two-wheel- or four-wheel-drive trucks.

2020 GMC Sierra Black Package (w/incorrect wheels) | GM

Adding to the above is a long list of features like a 110-volt power outlet, heated rear-view mirrors, remote locking tailgate, LED fog lamps, and more. Inside you’ll get a seven-inch touch screen radio that includes Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, OnStar, and a 4G Wi-Fi hotspot.

What The Black Package Gets You

Now, add the Black Package on top of this and GMC adds six-inch black rectangular assist steps, an all-weather floor liner, and special black GMC emblems. Unless we’re seeing it wrong it appears the bright grille surround also gets the black treatment for a really monochromatic presentation. This is an LPO-level option, which means it happens after delivery at the dealer. 

As you can tell the Black Package just adds to the already unique Elevation Package. Certain options are not compatible with the Black Package but you can find out more about those at your local GMC dealer. 

This fourth-generation of the Sierra came out in 2019. It features a longer wheelbase than the previous version, more interior space, GMC’s MultiPro tailgate, and the CarbonPro carbon-fiber cargo box that is exclusive to GMC. It is also exclusive within the GMC model lineup as only 500 examples were made in 2019.

How Rare Is The CarbonPro Package?

In a typical year, GMC sells 200,000 Sierra trucks and has for more than seven years. The carbon fiber bed option is only available on the AT4 or Denali trim levels. With only 500 GMC trucks coming with the CarbonPro beds makes these some of the rarest models GMC has ever produced. GMC has announced that for 2020 the CarbonPro bed option will be available in other models and in larger quantities. 

2020 GMC Black Package | GM-00
2020 GMC Black Package | GM

The 2020 prices have not been announced yet but in 2019 the combination of the Denali or AT4 option and the CarbonPro package goosed the price to more than $70,000. That is an expensive truck. Still, it’s also an exclusive truck, and exclusivity does cost more, right? 

We like both the idea of seeing a carbon-fiber bed, but more importantly, we like the weight savings the CarbonPro package comes with. The package shaves off almost 60 lbs. which one can apply to the payload rating. So, you not only get to flaunt your carbon fiber cool but also save some weight in the process.