GM Won’t Make 2020 Short Bed Regular Cabs So This Guy Made One

It’s one of the mysteries of the universe. GM makes almost everything it takes to add another 2020 Sierra and Silverado model to its lineup of pickups but won’t. It’s a variant of pickups that have been made for decades. We’re talking about the regular cab short bed pickup. Yeah, we know these won’t be million-sellers. But it is a configuration certain truck buyers want in 2020. Especially this one. So if GM won’t make short bed regular cab Sierra pickups this guy made one for himself. 

If GM won’t make short bed regular cab pickups this guy made one for himself

The last time you could get a Sierra or Silverado with a regular cab and short bed combo was in 2018. Since then GM can’t be bothered. But on the “adanomyte” Instagram account recently popped up this 2020 short bed GMC Sierra 1500. 

There are no details but we can hold your hand through the fab that took place to pull this off. First, you need a 2020 regular cab Sierra pickup. If you go for the Pickup Bed Delete you can save yourself $720. Or maybe you can arrange with the local dealer or boneyard to swap a long bed for a short bed. That’s what you’ll need next.

2020 GMC Sierra DIY Short bed regular cab | Instagram

You can get a 2020 Sierra with a short bed but only as a crew cab

You can get a 2020 Sierra with a short bed but only as a crew cab. But the good part is that they do exist so you won’t have to cut up a long bed. How much it might cost is somewhat of a mystery. There are three lengths of GM beds available. The shortest is right at 70-inches. The middle bed is about 79 ½-inches, and then there’s the regular bed at 98-inches. 

Based on prices we’ve seen of used and new-truck takeoff beds you’re probably looking at $2,500 or more. So if you can pre-arrange to trade your 98-inch bed for a shorter one you’ll be money ahead. Once you’ve got your truck and the correct bed it’s time to light the torch.

The frame has to be cut ahead of the front perch of the rear springs and shortened the appropriate amount. After welding the frame back together and grinding the welds we’d fishplate both sides of the frame where it is cut. If you use a long fishplate it spreads the load across its length. 

Remember: measure twice and cut once

2020 GMC Sierra DIY Short bed regular cab | Instagram

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Brake lines and the gas line will have to be created with the shorter length. The driveshaft and exhaust will have to be shortened, too. We’d send the driveshaft off to a shop that does this all day long. You might get a muffler shop to shorten the exhaust or you can do it yourself. The emergency brake lines will also need to be trimmed. After that you’re ready to put the bed back onto the frame.

Remember: measure twice and cut once. Measure the frame diagonally after you’ve tacked it together to make sure it is square. This primer works for any year pickup. We know of a number of older long beds that have gone through this procedure to save some dough. Short beds are a premium but long beds are everywhere. 

To add a bit of stance the builder used Bell Tech lowered spindles up front and a reversed spring setup in the back. This also comes with a C-notch kit for some extra clearance for the rear axle. The look is a modern adaptation of the classic hot rod pickup truck.