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GM’s Vehicle Intelligence Platform is its Global B electrical architecture that it is putting into the Cadillac CT4. It will spread across all GM products including its Ultium EV platforms, with the next iteration called Ultifi. It introduced this coming platform with a video presentation that may have shown the potential 2024 EV replacement for the Camaro. 

Is this zoomy sedan seen in the presentation the 2024 Camaro?

2024 Chevy Camaro
2024 Chevy Camaro high-performance sedan? | GM

Shown at the end of the presentation, and only for a second or two, you clearly see a fastback sedan racing across the screen. It has what appears to be an active rear spoiler and the familiar Buick tri-shield logo. But Buick is out of the car business, except in China. It only makes SUVs and is finding success with this formula. So what might this slick sedan really be?

We think it is a version of the “high-performance EV sedan” that is rumored to be replacing the Camaro come 2024. Yeah, we know it is somewhat of a stretch, but GM needs to keep the buzz going-both for consumer interest, but also for those investors finding it to be more than just a rustbelt manufacturer. 

So, yeah, we think it could be something more than a zoomy “Buick” sedan. GM has already announced that by 2025 it will introduce 30 new electric vehicles. The Camaro brand still registers high with consumers, though the current iteration has not lived up to expectations. 

Enthusiasts booed the Porsche Panamera when it debuted

Buick concept
Buick concept for GM’s Ultium platform | GM

A sporty EV with four doors, like the Porsche Panamera, would be a great alternative to the two-door Corvette for those wanting that type of sedan. And don’t believe sedans are dead. Toyota, BMW, Hyundai, and other manufacturers find that sedans in their product portfolios sell, and sell well. 

Unfortunately, the current Camaro has not sold well. It found less than 30,000 buyers in 2020. That was an almost 40 percent decrease from 2019. Ford has shown that carrying over a legacy brand like Mustang to an EV crossover can work. 

So, too, has Porsche. Enthusiasts cried heresy that Porsche would make a four-door sedan like the Panamera. But it has sold like crazy, stifling critics’ protestations. Then there is the Taycan. It is considered the crown jewel of the Porsche portfolio. 

GM now has a roadmap for the next Camaro

Buick concept
Buick concept using GM’s Ultium EV platform | GM

These are all roadmaps for GM to carve a new segment for the Camaro brand. Even Dodge has laid some groundwork for a Camaro EV with its eMuscle EVs coming in 2024. All of these examples are to say that there is plenty of fodder for GM to consider for a revered and highly recognizable brand name. 

You can’t buy something like the Camaro’s legacy. If GM is savvy and honors the brand, a four-door EV sedan with the looks of the image shown here, along with the high-performance that an EV can offer, would be a moneymaker for GM. 

So, go ahead, poke holes in this scenario. But you know that deep down, a slick Camaro EV sedan that combines the best that both Tesla’s Model S and Porsche’s Taycan offer, would be more than compelling. 


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