GM Grows Camaro Legend Before Charity Auction for Z/28


High-performance versions of GM’s  classic muscle car will find owners at auctions benefiting Detroit school children and wounded war veterans. Chevy announced the first 2014 Camaro Z/28 and the first 2014 COPO limited-edition Camaro are hitting the auction block the weekend of January 17 as the legend of the GM muscle car grew over attention from an unrelated Camaro wreck.

The Camaro Z/28, which bested the Camaro ZL1 and Porsche 911 Carrera S at the Nürburgring track, is the fastest retail production Camaro ever to hit a race course. GM will auction the first 2014 model for Detroit Cornerstone Schools in a televised event by Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale held January 18. It bears an identification number ending -0001.

On Friday, January 17, Chevy is also auctioning the first 2014 COPO limited-edition model Camaro to benefit Achilles Freedom Team of Wounded Veterans at Barret-Jackson, the automaker said in a statement. A Camaro display will showcase the performance parts and features at the auctions. The events are capping off a week when a bizarre Camaro story out of Delaware hit GM with an unexpected PR nightmare.


The first 2014 Z/28 and first 2014 COPO Camaro

John Hooper, a noted Camaro collector and author of a book on the first ZL1, finally learned he was getting a replacement for the ZL1 an employee at a dealership totaled after Hooper brought it in for service, USA Today reports. The story relates how the employee wrecked Hooper’s limited-edition ZL1, but the dealer refused to compensate the collector, saying it was a personal matter.

The story hit popular auto blogs and the story surrounding the well-known Hooper created a firestorm for the Delaware dealership and, in turn, General Motors as a whole. Hooper had traded in his 1969 Camaro SS and another Camaro in order to secure the ZL1. USA Today reports retired GM executives called Hooper when the story went viral to tell him the automaker was going to make it right. The issue was finally resolved when GM found him a replacement ZL1 for which he would resume payments.

The story illustrates the passion GM’s performance cars can inspire. Following the rave reviews for the Chevy Corvette Stingray and a massive wave of hype for the new performance Camaros, GM is doing all it can to obscure the rollout of Ford’s  2015 Mustang. The auction of these rare Camaros will likely add to the muscle car’s legend. Getting John Hooper a new ZL1 won’t hurt, either.