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With GM’s new electric Hummer looming on the horizon and new releases like the Ford F-150 Lightning, the electric pickup segment is gaining momentum. There has been quite some excitement surrounding the rise of the large EV, it’s no surprise that manufacturer GM confirms a new electric GMC pickup truck and SUV line. 

The old and new GM logos illuminated against a black backdrop
GM logo | Igor Golovniov/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images

When is the new electric Hummer coming out? 

GMC’s website says that the EV Hummer pickup truck will come out in the fall of 2021. The first model is a 2022 model year. The EV Hummer SUV on the other hand will come out as a 2024 model year electric SUV. We expect to see this one coming off the line by late 2023. 

Until then, EV shoppers can reserve their Hummer pickup trucks or SUVs via the GMC Hummer web page. The suspense continues to build until then. These trucks and SUV models are designed to be “lifestyle vehicles” and have high prices starting at about $80,000 and reaching up past $100,000 for top trim levels. The new GMC EVs will be different in the hummer in that they are intended for a more mainstream market.

Will there be an electric GMC pickup truck? 

An overhead view of the 2022 GMC Hummer EV, parked on an expanse of beige dirt, with its roof removed
2022 GMC Hummer EV | General Motors

Yes, GM confirms that an all-new electric SUV and pickup truck line is emerging in the coming seasons. Large SUVs and pickup truck have long been the gas guzzling automotive segment. Now, with the excitement of the EV mounting, manufacturers like Toyota, Ford, and GM are announcing big plans to electrify their respective lineups. 

According to CNBC, GM just confirmed that the electrified lineup of GMC trucks and SUVs is coming. These will parallel models like the GMC Sierra pickup truck and the GMC Yukon SUV. New large trucks and big family-hauling SUVs make sense as upcoming EVs, as the electric powertrain can eliminate high fuel consumption costs that keep some buyers from purchasing such large vehicles in today’s gas- and diesel-powered market. 

Both the Hummer EV truck and SUV will offer long electric ranges of 350 and 300, respectively. So similar numbers could be in store for the new electric GMC Sierra pickup truck and Yukon SUV EVs. However, we still don’t know what the name of these new electrified beasts will be. 

GM global head, Duncan Aldred, would not confirm whether or not the new electric pickup truck or SUV models would bear the name Sierra or Yukon. It could mean we need to look out for an additional word added to the existing nomers (think Ford F-150 Lightning). Or, GM could roll them out as an all-new electric vehicle lineup with brand new names.  

No one has ever sold an electric pickup truck yet 

A silver Ford F-150 lightning electric pickup truck
Ford F-150 Lightning | Jeff Kowalsky/AFP via Getty Images

Although automakers like Tesla and Ford have debuted their electric pickup trucks, no one has actually sold a fully electric pickup truck yet. Over 500,000 Tesla Cybertruck reservations and over 100,000 Ford F-150 Lightning reservations have been sold. But the market space is still wholly unproven as of yet. 

With so many automakers ramping up their efforts toward electrification, announcements like this are unsurprising. However, they are still exciting. Looking forward to releases like this is just the beginning. There is no telling what each automaker’s lineup will look like as electrification continues taking shape.