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Wow, is this weird. In a future-retro way, Mercedes-Benz is debuting the new electric G-Class, or Mercedes EQG SUV. The site is 1970s-inspired, but its not Studio 54 disco-bomb 1970s. It’s far out like the original poster for “Star Wars” or something from “Zardoz.”

Mercedes is remaking almost its entire lineup as the EQ brand. Most of the EQ vehicles aren’t ready for production yet, but Mercedes has said we can expect to see the 2024 EQG, or electric G-Class, in 2023 as a 2024 model. But to get the skinny on the G, you have to check out the new site.

The EQG site channels 1970s sci-fi sheek

two aliens with the Mercedes EQG
Mercedes EQG concept art | Mercedes

We get it. The original G-Class, or Gelandewagen, was launched in 1979 as the W460, which made it the oldest new car you could buy before it was sent off to the glue factory in 2017. For 2018 the second generation-G-Class was introduced, and about the only way to tell the difference between the first- and second-gen G-Wagons was to get out a ruler. The new one is slightly longer, wider, and taller compared to the original G. They are the most-expensive SUVs that Mercedes sells.

The new electric G-Class site is channeling the original G

Mercedes EQG concept art | Mercedes

The G-Class launched in 1979 as the Gelandewagen, which simply means “all-terrain vehicle.” They started as military vehicles but soon became boulevard cruisers owned by the rich and famous. Since then it didn’t change much for 39 years. There have been a few engine options, such as the bonkers AMG versions with hugely powerful engines, luxury packages, and Diesel variants. Each G has four-wheel-drive. But, mostly, it kept the tall, two-box, shape that made it classic.

No, it was not bulletproof. But you can order one that is: Outfitters have done almost every mod you can imagine, from dropping in AMG V12 engines to making six-wheeled conversions. Brabus famously created the Invicto that has, of course, a full leather interior and a killer stereo but also armored steel plates and “ballistically-tested material pairing,” according to Brabus.

The first electric G-Class belonged to Arnold. That Arnold.

Arnold Schwarzenegger and his electirc mercedes G-Class
Arnold Schwarzenegger and his electric Mercedes G-Class | Kreisel

While Mercedes-Benz is working to create an electric version of G-Wagon, the EQG, it won’t be the first version of an electric G-Class. it wasn’t that long ago that actor Arnorld Schwarzenegger was touting his newest electrified G-Class. Schwarzenegger is, famously, a fan of big, tough-looking SUVs like the original Hummer H1. But in the late 2010s he started electrifying his fleet and turned to tuner Kreisel to remake his G-Class electric.

The retro-future EQG website

The Mercedes-Benz EQG Website shares a lot of info about the new G-Class’s inspiration and design, but not much about its content. Mercedes is working to remake its entire electric range into the EQ brand. The G is no different, at least in branding. But the shape is so perfect for a tall, four-wheel-drive, SUV that looks as right in Beverly Hills as it does on the Alaska-Canadian Highway.  

Though it’s short on technical details, the website is a visual treat. Do yourself a treat and watch the videos, they even include monsters that look like they came from a 1960s “Star Trek” episode, and everyone is dressed like they’re in “Logan’s Run.” Some of the images, however, look like something Ralph Angus McQuarrie would have made as he was developing the feel for “Star Wars.”

We can see, especially in the dished-frisbee wheels and funky light-up grille the 1979 influence of the EQG. But we know that underneath the 2024 EQG will be powered by some thoroughly-modern tech.

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