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Cars are more than just a means of transportation; they’re an expression of the driver’s personality. If you’re stuck on what to get your friend for a special occasion, half the struggle is over when you know they’re a car lover. There are a wide variety of practical, affordable gifts for auto enthusiasts. Here are our picks that are all under $100.

Car vacuum cleaner

Most car fans are obsessed with the way their vehicle’s exterior looks, so they regularly buy products to keep the paint job neat and clean. However, keeping the interior clean is just as important. A hand-operated vacuum cleaner is versatile enough to clean every area inside the car, even hard-to-reach places like under the seats. With a 14-inch power cord and a portable storage bag, this vacuum can be applied to both wet and dry surfaces and even features an LED light.

Seat gap filler

This is one of those gifts people don’t even know they need. To cut down on those annoying moments of losing keys, pens, and other small items to the spaces between the seats, a seat gap filler is an awesome fix. It can be easily attached to the seat buckle and fits all types of car interiors.

Car health monitor

Some mechanical problems can be very hard to detect and lead to costly repairs if not treated in time. To increase the lifespan of a car and ensure its passengers’ safety, the FIXD health monitor is great gift. When plugged into the car, the health monitor relays important diagnostic information to the driver’s smartphone via a free app. 

If the Check Engine light comes on unexpectedly, the app can diagnose the problem. The monitor can also be programmed to give its users important reminders, like oil changes and other routine maintenance. The app can be paired with multiple vehicles at the same time.

Car trunk organizer

You never know when you’ll have an emergency, and car lovers always need to be prepared. You can usually find jumper cables, cleaning rags, and more scattered inside their vehicle. A trunk organizer will help them keep everything in one place. Each panel is reinforced with base plates, and it can easily be collapsed when not in use. The organizer also has straps that can easily fit in many areas of the vehicle.

Car tracker

These days, car theft is still fairly common, particularly with luxury vehicles. A good security system will cut down the risk of a vehicle getting stolen. The CarLock is a tracking device that connects to your vehicle and syncs wirelessly with the CarLock app. It continuously tracks its location, making the driver feel more at ease.

If any unusual activity is detected, like the car being driven to an unknown area, drivers will get instant alerts on their phones. It can also give regular vehicle health updates.