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Lexus is Toyota’s luxury arm, which means we get teased when new vehicles come out. Toyota just finished its teaser campaign with the upcoming 2024 Tacoma, and now Lexus is doing the same with the new TX. The 2024 Lexus TX will be a three-row luxury SUV utilizing the same platform as the new Toyota Grand Highlander.

Have we learned anything new about the 2024 Lexus TX luxury SUV?

Lexus TX Interior Teaser Image showing the 2024 Lexus TX Luxury SUV with three rows of seats for a total of six passengers
Lexus TX Interior Teaser Image | Lexus

It wasn’t long ago that Lexus released the first teaser image of the new TX. This image was nothing more than this new Lexus SUV’s rear-side window area. That singular image sent the automotive world buzzing with speculation, comparison, and possibilities.

Recently, two new teaser images of the Lexus TX were released. These two images are of the interior area, giving us much more information than the first image.

These two new Lexus teaser images offer clues about what to expect when this luxury SUV arrives. The new TX will fit in the luxury midsize three-row SUV class and includes six seats. This means two seats per row across three rows. These seats are the subject matter of one teaser image, with no indicator that we could see a seven-seat configuration.

Lexus TX Front Passenger Door Teaser Image, Notice the Mark Levinson speaker in the door panel
Lexus TX Front Passenger Door Teaser Image | Lexus

The second of the two Lexus teaser images appears to be the front passenger door panel. The door panel and visible dashboard area are expectedly stylish but offer little information except for one detail. That singular detail is a Mark Levinson speaker in the door panel. This indicates the new TX could include a high-end sound system, which is consistent across the Lexus SUV lineup.

Why is this new Lexus SUV important?

We’ve been extremely excited about the new 2024 Lexus TX luxury SUV since we learned of its existence. This new SUV is important because it fills a strange gap in the Lexus SUV lineup.

Currently, this lineup includes the full-size Lexus LX, midsize Lexus GX, and midsize Lexus RXL, all of which have three rows of seats. None of these three is quite what consumers are searching for in their three-row midsize SUV.

Based on the popularity of the Hyundai Palisade and Kia Telluride, it’s easy to surmise that consumers desire room in the third row for adults. The new Toyota Grand Highlander fills this space for Toyota, allowing its platform-mate, the Lexus TX, to do the same for Lexus.

Will the new TX use the same powertrains as the Grand Highlander?

We haven’t received confirmation that these two SUVs will share powertrains. It seems a logical conclusion, but we can’t be certain. The Lexus GX and Toyota 4Runner share a platform but use different powertrains. Of course, with Toyota moving toward hybrid powertrains and Lexus doing the same, it’s easy to expect the new TX to bring two or three hybrid powertrains to the market.

Lexus filed trademarks for the TX 350 and TX 500h names in 2021, which allows us to guess which powertrains will find their way under the hood of this new Lexus SUV.

When will we have more answers from Lexus about this new SUV?

The teasing is nearly over. The official reveal of the new 2024 Lexus TX luxury SUV occurs on June 8 at 8:00 pm Eastern. It’s entirely possible we’ll see more teasers before the official reveal. That said, Lexus will provide answers to our TX questions on June 8.

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