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There is a new smart van in town, known as the German Alphavan 4×4. Why is it smart? Because it’s based on the Mercedes Sprinter, one epic camping van. Check out what the German Alphavan 4×4 is bringing to the table. 

The Alphavan 4×4 incorporates Mercedes Sprinter features 

The Alphavan 4x4 parked at night
Alphavan 4×4 | Alphavan

The Alphavan 4×4 seeks to provide a premium and advanced camper van. Instead of settling for entry-level accommodations, you can live the glamping life with the smart van that borrows quite a bit from the Mercedes Sprinter. 

Take advantage of premium connectivity and digital control with the 4×4 Edition. It’s built on the Mercedes Sprinter platform, making it incredibly capable of tackling backcountry roads and slippery conditions. 

It also features the Mercedes-Benz User Experience MBUX navigation system. It includes real-time traffic information, Wi-fi, and remote access to the van. This is a brand new feature to enjoy with caravanning. 

With the Mercedes-Benz Advanced Control (MBAC) system, you can control the heating, battery status, lighting, and all electrical system. It can be controlled with the app on your smartphone or with the 10.25-inch touchscreen in the entry area. 

How luxurious is the Alphavan? 

The Alphavan 4×4 hasn’t had its official debut yet, so we’re still waiting to learn more about its upgrades. But we do know that it features more space with smarter storage options to make the most of available room. 

It’s almost 10 feet tall and 24 feet long to provide the roominess of home while away from home. The rear is divided into two floors to extend the range of possibilities for guest accommodations and storage. 

The living loft provides a separate area for privacy. The Flexport beneath it can be used to store equipment such as bikes or transformed into an additional space for your kids or guests. It can easily be adjusted to suit your needs. 

You need to check out the kitchen. The single case countertop features smooth rounded edges with spacious drawers and soft-close technology. The storage compartments feature LED lighting, and the fridge holds 90 liters. Plus, a smart TV is above the refrigerator. 

What about the Mercedes Sprinter? 

2021 Mercedes Sprinter van parked on the beach
2021 Mercedes Sprinter | Merceded-Benz

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While the Aplhavan takes the best features from the Mercedes Sprinter and adds unique luxury touches, it’s currently not available in the United States. But you can get your hands on a highly capable Sprinter van. 

You can get started in a 2021 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van for about $36,335. But modifications will be required to add a bathroom and kitchen. It can easily be configured to meet your work or lifestyle needs. 

The passenger option can seat up to 15 people, the 360-degree camera helps you easily park and, and the Active Distance Assist Distronic automatically keeps you at a safe distance from other vehicles. 

You can tow up to 7,500 lbs when the van is properly equipped and carry a payload of up to 6,735 lbs, depending on which build you choose. There are also three roof height and three length options available. 

While we hope the Alphavan 4×4 comes to the United States, we will have to wait to learn more. Until then, the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter is a highly capable 4×4 option to enjoy for work, travel or both.