Genius Ways to Save Money on Replacement Tires, According to Consumer Reports

Whether you need new tires or you’re prepping for the upcoming season, buying replacement tires is an investment. Wheels can be costly and finding a good deal isn’t easy. How do you know you’re getting the best bargain? Luckily, Consumer Reports has great advice about saving money on your next set of replacement tires.

1. Shop around

Before purchasing tires, it’s important to shop around for the best deal. Doing research is easier than ever thanks to online search engines, which make comparing brands, types, and prices simple. It’s also a great way to find which tires are best for your car.

Tires can be shipped to your home or even to your local dealership or tire shop, according to Frugal Living NW. You can also call dealers and businesses to compare costs. Though you may recognize the biggest names in tire manufacturers, you can often find tires without the brand name for less money.

2. Don’t spend unnecessary money

A dealership will want you to spend more on tires. You’ll likely be offered add-ons and extras you simply do not need. To save money, only spend it on what you need in a set of replacement tires.

For instance, if you use your vehicle to commute, you likely don’t need high-end, performance tires. Filling your tires with nitrogen instead of standard air may seem like a good idea. However, according to Consumer Reports, it may do nothing but raise the cost. After all, regular air is free.

3. Don’t be afraid to negotiate

According to Consumer Reports, only one in six people try to negotiate a lower price for tires. This may not seem like a large number, but 70% of those people successfully received a discounted price. This data suggests that haggling can work. With the right research, negotiating tire prices with a dealership or business can have even more successful results.

4. It matters who sells replacement tires (and when)

If you’re shopping online for tires, you may find more options at cheaper prices. But you can’t negotiate the cost of tires you find on the internet. If you’re ready to negotiate, it may be easier at a dealership or local business. (It’s also important to remember that buying tires online does not include the price of installation.)

The cost of replacement tires can even be determined by the time of year you shop. According to The Balance, the best tire deals and sales are often in April and October. Companies provide deals during this time in order to encourage customers to purchase before winter hits as well as when the weather warms up in spring.

5. Make your money back in free perks

Saving money isn’t just about the purchase price. You may find a set of tires that costs more initially but offer you more in the long run. Consumer Reports found that 80% of customers who bought tires or had them installed also received some type of perk with their purchase.

Many times, when you buy a set of tires, you can take advantage of free services or benefits like tire rotation and balancing, tire disposal, road-hazard warranties, vehicle inspections, accessories, and more.