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  • Genesis gives us our first look at the new Genesis G90
  • Units will be availible in 2022
  • The flagship luxury sedan competes with the Mercedes S Class

It’s kind of a tradition to have a luxury flagship sedan. Mercedes-Benz has its S Class, and Genesis has the new Genesis G90. The new Hyundai-owned luxury sedan is almost totally new compared to last year’s model. At a bare minimum, the model has been completely redesigned in striking fashion. And, per the Genesis M.O., this new model will likely come in well under the competition in price.

The G90 is a new high-end luxury car

The new G90 in white shot from the high 3/4 angle
Striking design is a Genesis staple | Genesis

And it is a striking design. Just look at the thing. The best part? The side markers. US-spec vehicles are required to have them for crash safety. The logic here is that they help cars be more visible from the side. The Genesis G90 brilliantly integrates the lines for the headlights into the side markers. This cleans up the lower three-quarters of the bumper and quarter panels nicely. It also leaves room for that neat vent at the bottom.

And there’s plenty of room. The current G90 is a significantly larger luxury sedan than the Genesis G80, and Genesis says that an even longer wheelbase version will be available. While we don’t have specific measurements for the new car yet, the longest version will be a full 7.5 inches longer than the standard model. For reference, the current Genesis G90 measures 124.4 in from wheel to wheel.

The most powerful Genesis offers a 5.0L V8

A dark blue Genesis G90 shot in profile
Thankfully, it looks like the V8 lives on in the G90 | Genesis

Then there’s the engines. Once again, we don’t have any specifics here, but it’s expected that the powertrains from the current model will carry over. Obviously, that means the model’s staple 5.0L V8 survives for yet another year. First, let’s talk about the V6. If you’re trying to get a bargain luxury sedan, this is absolutely the way to go. It produces 365 hp and 376 lb-ft of torque. Not a lot, no, but “ample” is a good word here. That engine is also mated to an 8-speed auto found in other Genesis models like the G70.

Now, about the 5.0L. Yes, it makes good V8 noises. Plus, it’ll put out 420 hp. That unit is also mated to the same 8-speed auto from the V6 and other Genesis models. However, the V8 isn’t really worth the extra cash Genesis will surely charge. In the current model year, the 0-60 times are nearly identical and the extra weight adds to what is already a 4,000 lb luxury sedan.

Could the new Genesis G90 be the most luxurious sedan?

A white Genesis G90 luxury sedan shot from the front 3/4
Genesis’ new G90 luxury sedan | Genesis

Historically, Genesis has made some real underdogs. They’re criminally underrated in the segment and often hit well above their weight. We expect the same from the new G90, seeing as it has to compete with luxury royalty like the BMW 7 Series and Mercedes S Class. While we don’t have interior shots just yet, expect that to punch above its weight too. More information will be available later this year and early next year.


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