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Genesis Preparing All-New V8 Flagship SUV Above GV80

Genesis and parent company Hyundai is on such a roll they’re having a hard time focusing on what to develop next. But, one segment it needs a win in is with SUVs. And, the hottest sub-segment within the SUV genre is in the luxury SUV group. Its GV80 is coming to fill that void. It’s primed to give the BMW X5 and Audi Q7 some stiff competition with a V8-powered flagship GV90.

Now comes rumors Genesis is looking at a larger SUV to compete with the BMW X7 and Mercedes GLS. If it sees success with the GV80, the GV90 gets the green light. It is already doing that as Genesis sold 1,500 GV80s in Korea its first day for sale. 

The Genesis flagship SUV would pluck the 5.0-liter V8 from the G90 sedan

2021 Genesis GV80 SUV | Genesis
2021 Genesis GV80 SUV | Genesis

To pull this off Hyundai would use the V8 from its G90 sedan. The 5.0-liter cranks out 420 hp which would make for a great SUV package. If the SUV had the manners of a G90 it would succeed in matching either the X7 or GLS. 

The all-new luxury GV80 debuted in Korea this month. It’s expected in dealership showrooms in Fall 2021 in the US. The price will be around $48,000. It is meant to compete in the midsize SUV segment. That category includes BMW X5, Mercedes GLE, Lexus RX, and Jaguar F-Pace. 

The Genesis signature “crest” grille and stacked split light slots signal the new Genesis look. These visually carry through to the side and rear taillights. From what we’ve been told we will be seeing this design on other Genesis models like possibly the GV90?

More SUVs are coming including a compact crossover and mid-size electric SUV

2021 Genesis GV80 SUV | Genesis
2021 Genesis GV80 SUV | Genesis

But, that’s not all. According to Genesis global head William Lee, a GV70 compact crossover based on the G70 sedan platform will arrive later this year. Then to fill out its SUV line there will be a mid-size electric SUV. 

What all of this means is that the spectacular Essentia coupe will at least be delayed, or possibly canceled. While Genesis is “all SUV” at the moment, when the Essentia is brought up it’s crickets. As a high-end coupe, it signaled the Genesis brand’s calling in a league with Mercedes, BMW, and Audi. 

Genesis still needs to produce the fabulous flagship Essentia coupe

Genesis Essentia Concept 2018 | Genesis
Genesis Essentia Concept 2018 | Genesis

The Essentia was meant to be the brand’s flagship. Now, with the SUV zeitgeist in full throttle maybe Genesis has decided a GV90 would fill that role better? While disappointed at the prospect of the Essentia being lost in the SUV shuffle, we get it. It is now an SUV world and the production numbers prove it. 

Hyundai’s sister brand Kia just announced today that its three-row Telluride SUV will increase production to meet demand. Now it’s looking at manufacturing around 100,000 Tellurides for 2020. It’s hard to look at a low volume sports car when any variation of an SUV sells in those numbers.