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The Genesis GV60 gives the Tesla Model X a run for its money in many ways, including luxurious features. But, the GV60 has a few more items under its belt you don’t see with the Model X, like its facial recognition tech. What does the GV60 offer, and what makes it stand out?

What’s so exciting about the Genesis GV60?

A white Genesis GV60 parked indoors.
Genesis GV60 | Getty Images

The Genesis brand offers premium luxury in all its vehicles, but the company has outdone itself with the GV60. This electric SUV impresses with so many features that it’s hard to name them all. We’ll keep it to the minimum for now.

First, according to Notebook Check, there are two different powertrains it will come with. The base model offers a 74 kW motor sending power to the front wheels and a 160 kW one handling the rear axle, which generates 314 hp. 

A higher premium trim is available as well. This one will have an electric motor setup able to produce 483 hp with an all-wheel drivetrain. Both trims come with a 77.4 kWh battery, which will get you a 248-mile range. 

The interior offers a crystal sphere located on the center console and acts as a miniature version of a disco ball for mood lighting. It looks elegant, especially when sunlight hits it, but it’s also a helpful feature letting you know the EV is ready to go, which can be difficult to tell with such a quiet SUV. After you start the vehicle, the sphere will turn over and become your gear selector.  

You’ll also get plenty of room in the cabin, a prominent infotainment display, and physical buttons to complement the touchscreen controls. There’s also a massaging driver seat with Ergo Motion technology. 

The GV60’s revolutionary facial recognition feature?

Many electric vehicles offer a keyless entry experience, but the GV60 has what appears to be the first facial recognition technology found on any new car to date. The EV will scan your face to determine if it’s you entering. You can also use it to lock the car as well.

Facial recognition allows you, as the driver, to adjust the settings, like moving the seat to the right spot or getting the steering wheel where you like it. There’s also a fingerprint scanner that you can use to lock and unlock the vehicle with. 

One last impressive feature that comes with the GV60 is the free charging sessions offered by Electrify America. This will come in handy when you need to make a charging stop on your next trip. You will get free 30-minute charging sessions for three years. 

What do we know about the 2023 Genesis GV60’s release?

Besides some of the specs, we know a few tidbits of information about the release of this EV. One is that you can now start ordering it in the United States. 

As of this time, there will only be two trims to choose from, one being the base and the other being a top-tier level model. The pre-order price for the GV60 will begin at $58,890. Genesis’ higher trim starts at $67,890.

The GV60 model promises to make a huge splash when it rolls off the dealer lots later this year. But don’t wait to get your hands on one. Go pre-order your revolutionary electric EV now. 


The Genesis GV60 Is the Luxury Brand’s First Dedicated Electric Car