General Motors Ranked Among the Best Companies for Worker Disability Accessibility

There is a lot of talk in the news about equal access. However, few companies exemplify disability accessibility the way General Motors does. Making inclusion a part of the business model informed the design of the workplaces. Moreover, GM pays attention to possible adjustments before affected employee groups feel left out.

Disability accessibility for workers is critical for the employee to develop a healthy work-life balance. GM looks to improve vehicles with features such as hands-free driving software constantly. It is at the forefront of making improvements to its facilities. Not surprisingly, General Motors was just ranked as one of the best businesses for disability accessibility.

What disability accessibility looks like for GM

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GM Authority outlines the perfect score the manufacturer received, identifying it as one of the best places for a disabled employee to work. A 100% rating is not something easy to get. Some credit CEO Mary Barra for ushering in a working environment that puts workers first. With a mission of valuing everyone for who they are, it made sense to create an inclusive workplace accordingly.

GM adheres to standard disability inclusion practices. Disability:IN notes that there are multiple ways to focus on employee inclusion. It is interesting to note that scoring is about more than making physical adjustments to a specific workstation. Rather, its DEI index points to corporate culture, leadership, employment practices, supplier diversity, and community engagement as measurable achievements. Other companies that did not meet these standards have the option of working with the ranking organization to improve their adherence.

GM’s commitment to growth and workforce development

You are most like used to headlines talking about GM recalls and similar issues. However, the award GM won is of similar importance. It underscores that the face of corporate America changes. Consider, for example, the automaker’s decision to join the Gender and Diversity KPI Alliance.

Another group General Motors engaged with is the OneTen Initiative. GM now has an inclusion advisory board. This commitment to diversity is rare and obviously makes this a great place to work. Beyond that, it shows that the automaker pays attention to the needs of today’s consumers, whether they are employees or buyers.

Who else ranked high on the 2021 Disability Equality Index?

The DEI awards a score from zero to 100. Names of companies that rate below 80 are kept confidential. However, the perfect scores go on the organization’s website, which displays complete with corporate logo and font presentation. In addition to GM, other examples include 3M, Chevron, DuPont, Ford, and Walmart. These firms have found ways to champion diversity that benefits workers and fosters this attitude from the top down.

Another category of companies falls into the businesses with a score of 90. Some of the names you are sure to recognize are Airbus, Amazon, Exelon, and Shelter Insurance. The next group focuses on businesses with a rating of 80. You might recognize AMC, State Farm, and United States Steel.


A Cheat Sheet of Disability-Friendly Vehicles

While it is a disappointment not to rank with the top, consider that these businesses make serious attempts at creating workplaces that focus on inclusion. There is room for growth, and these companies are on the right track.

It is important to remember that the ratings apply for one year only. There will be similar rating criteria for the next year, although these do occasionally change in keeping with necessary updates. GM and other top-rated companies will not have time to rest. For them, the call of the hour is to find new ways to practice inclusion.