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The Chevy Silverado EV will debut in early 2022. General Motors has high hopes for the electric full-size pickup truck. In fact, GM’s CEO, Mary Barra, made a bold claim about the new electric vehicle.

GM CEO makes bold claims about new electric truck platform

The Chevy Silverado will debut on January 5th, 2022.
The Chevy Silverado EV will debut on January 5th, 2022 | Chevy

According to Motor1, General Motors CEO Mary Barra was very confident in the Silverado EV during a press conference. Barra claimed that the Silverado EV is “unmatched” compared to the vehicles that it will go up against upon its release. The comment is a nod to the Chevy Silverado EV’s estimated 400 miles of range.

The Silverado EV will face stiff competition from models like the Ford F-150 Lightning. Few details have been revealed about the electric full-size pickup truck’s specs, but if it truly can travel for 400 miles on a full charge, it will be extraordinary.

Barra also noted that the Silverado EV is built on its own new electric truck platform. The F-150 Lightning uses the existing F-150 platform in contrast.

The Chevy Silverado EV faces stiff competition

A red Chevy Silverado EV concept.
Chevy Silverado EV concept | General Motors

The Silverado may have incredible range and its own platform, but that doesn’t mean it will be easy for the electric full-size pickup truck to dominate rankings and sales. The Silverado will arrive after the F-150 Lightning, so consumers will have more time to learn about the Blue Oval’s new EV before the Chevy truck’s arrival.

The 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning also includes several key features that make it an amazing work truck. It includes several different power outlets in the frunk, interior, and truck bed. It also can even function as a backup generator depending on the trim consumers choose.

The F-150 Lightning can power tools at a worksite and appliances outdoors. It has been marketed as a pickup that is much more than just an average truck. If Chevy wants to beat the F-150 Lightning, the automaker will have to prove that the Silverado offers unique utility as well.

There’s plenty of time for Chevy Silverado EV rivals to debut

The Mega Power Frunk of a silver Ford F-150 Lightning.
The Mega Power Frunk of a silver Ford F-150 Lightning | Ford

The Chevy Silverado will debut on January 5th, 2022. Production doesn’t start until 2023. A lot can happen in the time between the electric vehicle’s debut and its release. The Ford F-150 Lightning’s largest battery is estimated to get 300 miles of range. So, the Silverado EV’s range may be unmatched in its segment at the moment, but GM shouldn’t count their chickens before they hatch.

There’s plenty of time for Silverado EV rivals to emerge with even better range estimates. When it comes to electric pickup trucks, the sky is the limit because the vehicles are so new. Will the Silverado EV rise to the top of electric pickup truck rankings upon its release?


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