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No, you haven’t clicked onto a post from 2001. A chain of 300 gasoline stations in the Netherlands is actually selling gas at half its going rate. It’s happening right now-March 14, 2022. With gas prices rising daily, it is totally legit, except there are a few caveats.

These gas prices are really real

High gas prices
High gas prices in Hollywood | Getty

If it’s too good to be true… It is true, but the first catch is that the TinQ4U stations only offer half-price gas one hour a day. The other catch is that not all of its stations drop prices. So the question is when and which gas stations will be offering half-off gas?

That’s the whole reason for the offer. TinQ4U wants customers to start following it on social media. That is where you’ll find its half-price gas, or diesel if you prefer. Both are part of the promotion. 

To find these gas prices you need their app

high gas prices
High gas prices are everywhere | Getty

TinQ4U announces which stations will have the cut prices revealed on social media. Then, it sends that information to the company’s app users. All of this is usually done the day before. So if you’re really up for the greatest prices of gas in the world, you need the company’s app. And so far, 40,000 people are using it. 

The unique part of the company’s business model is that its stations are automatic. There are no attendants, no money transfers, or food services. Oh, and there are no restrooms, either. They’re unmanned and stripped-down gas stations. 

Here’s why these gas prices are low

Gas prices
More high gas prices | Getty

All of those reasons help keep the prices low already. Not half-off low, but without personnel at every gas station, its costs are less than the norm. Many gas stations use other services as their real money-makers, with cheap fuel as almost a loss-leader. But with margins being tight, they couldn’t offer TinQ4U low fuel prices.

Right now, a liter of gas is around $1.2, or roughly $4.50 a gallon. While not that far from the prices we were seeing earlier this year, keep in mind that Europeans are paying over $9.00 a gallon. And rising. 

On March 10 it announced that it had to temporarily stop the promotion because crude prices hit their highest prices ever. But it has since been announced the “fuel prices of 20 years ago” will be back, but done as an auction. A lottery will choose 100 app users to receive the half-off fuel. 

Now there’s another free gas promotion

High gas prices
High gas prices in West Hollywood | Getty

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It is also offering free fuel for app users who correctly pick the winners of the “Grand Prix Special.” So it has put a twist on the fuel price promotion that obviously involves the continued use of its app. 

The closest thing the US has to anything like this is the Cheapest Gas Station Finder App. While not offering discounted fuel, it shows you the cheapest gas prices in and around your zip code. There are also Fuel Rewards programs offered by the major fuel producers like Chevron, Exxon-Mobil, and Shell. 

But the best way to get a discount on fuel is to take it easy with the go-pedal. If you drive like a sane person, you’re sure to use less fuel. And that’s your MotorBiscuit free tip of the day!