Gas Prices Got You Down? Consumer Reports Gives Us Several Gas Saving Tips

The minute Russia crossed the border to invade Ukraine, gas prices rose. We can argue the cause of fuel increases in our own country, but most of us can’t do much about the increased cost. What we can do something about is how we save fuel. Going to the dealership to trade in your gas-guzzler for an electric vehicle might not be feasible for most people, but there are some gas saving tips to help you drive a little farther on each tank of gas.

Protect your gas level during busier driving times

According to Consumer Reports, it’s good to keep your tank at least half-full at busier times of the year. This also applies to cold winter months when it can take longer for tanker trucks to reach the fuel stations. If you’ve got holiday travel coming up, keep your tank at least half-full during the entire trip.

What is the single best way to save gas?

High Gas Prices in America
High Gas Prices | Getty Images

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The best way to save gas, especially when gas prices are higher, is to keep your vehicle serviced. The old saying “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” applies here. This means you need to have your oil changed regularly, check your air filter, and keep your tire pressure at the right level.

Reduce the amount you travel

Whether you create a work carpool so that several neighbors can leave their cars at home or combine your errands, you’re reducing the amount you travel. The less you drive, the more fuel you’ll save; that’s as simple as it gets.

Is gas cheaper if you pay cash?

At some stations, you pay less if you pay with cash or use a debit card. Stations can charge lower gas prices for cash because credit card companies charge retailers a fee whenever customers use a credit card. You’re helping the station reduce its costs, and they pass that savings on to you with a lower fuel bill.

Make use of apps to save on gas prices

Finding Gas Savings Using Apps
Finding Gas Savings Using Apps | Getty Images

There are several apps that have pay cards that attach to your bank account and help you save on the cost of gas. Many of these apps offer special discounts at various stations in your area. Some gas stations chains have their own payment card and offer savings if you have that card and use it at the pump.

Is it better to fill up the gas tank all the way?

Yes, it’s better to fill your tank all the way, whenever you can. The time, energy, and fuel it takes to get to the gas station mean you should put as much in your tank as possible. This will reduce the number of trips to the station and help save on the gas prices a little at a time.

Should you drive the speed limit?

Not only are you supposed to do this because it’s the law, but studies show that driving at 55 mph is optimal for fuel consumption. CR found significant fuel savings at 55 mph compared to 65 and 75 mph in two of the most efficient vehicles in their respective classes, the Nissan Altima and Toyota RAV4.

Keep your driving smooth and even to save on gas prices

Mazda3 Driving Smoothly on Highway
Save on Gas Prices by Driving Smoothly like this Mazda3 | Mazda

Not only will you save fuel by driving evenly, but it’s better for your car. This means you avoid hard acceleration and braking whenever possible. Once you reach your desired speed, you need to maintain an even, steady pace on the road to maximize your fuel mileage.

Avoid premium gas to save money

This tip isn’t only for when gas prices are higher than normal; it’s a tip you can use all the time. Unless your vehicle requires premium gas, there isn’t a benefit to using higher-grade and more expensive fuel in your car. If premium fuel is recommended but not required, you can use lower-grade gasoline for the time being until the gas prices drop.

Should you turn on the air conditioning?

Tips for Gas Saving by DriveMag

You’ll find this tip a little tricky. You want to be comfortable in your car and hot days require you to find a way to cool down. The choices are either to open the windows or run the air conditioner. If you’re driving around town, open the windows and let the breeze in for as long as you can stand it. Out on the highway, you need to have the windows closed and the air conditioner running to improve fuel mileage. Optimally, you want to drive with the windows closed and the air conditioner off, but that’s really hard to do on a hot day.

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