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The most insane car to come from the Dodge Hellcat era was undoubtedly the Dodge Challenger Demon. For those unfamiliar, the Demon is a drag-racing-ready car that just happens to be road legal. With the Demon Crate package, which is included in the purchase of the Demon, the car can run a nine-second quarter-mile in stock format. Furthermore, it’s the first and only production car that can do a wheelie at a drag strip. Furthermore, Dodge only produced them in 2018. So, the chance to buy one usually comes with a premium. However, adding a celebrity owner to the mix may just drive the price up a bit more.

This Demon has incredibly low miles and looks great!

The Dodge Demon is a car that begs collectors to ask, "how much is a Dodge Demon?"
2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon | Stellantis

This 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon will cross the Barrett-Jackson auction block at the iconic company’s 2022 Las Vegas Event. The event starts on June 30th. However, the auction of this vehicle will likely take place on Saturday, July 2nd. Though it isn’t clear if world-famous comedian Gabriel Iglesias is the current owner of the vehicle, the auction site does list that he was a former owner at the very least.

The Demon is finished in Destroyer Grey with an accenting Alcantara interior sporting Black Laguna upholstery. As one might expect with a car like this, it does not have a lot of miles on it. In fact, the odometer shows that this 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon only has 1,895 original miles. So, as you’d expect, the car is virtually flawless from end to end. Inside and out, this is a wonderfully preserved example of a Demon.

Of course, the Demon’s drag-race-readiness is the primary selling point. Under the hood is a supercharged 6.2-liter Hemi V8. When running the proper fuel, the Demon makes an astonishing 840 horsepower. Combined with its drag-read tires, bonkers air-conditioning engine cooling system, and weight savings everywhere it could be found, the Demon is a very special ride. According to Barrett-Jackson, Dodge only built 3,300 of them. So, the chance to buy one is quite rare!

Of course, adding in a celebrity owner like Gabriel Iglesias doesn’t necessarily change the value of the vehicle. It does, however, add a good bit to the cool factor!

How much is a Dodge Demon worth?

It’s hard to say exactly how much this car will sell for. This is especially true when considering the current market and inflated prices of just about every vehicle. Of course, premium cars carry an even more substantial markup than your standard-issue vehicles.

According to Hagerty, the 2018 Dodge Challenger Demon in excellent condition is currently worth about $115,000. Additionally, one in ‘Concours condition” is listed as being worth upwards of $140,000. However, it’s hard to say whether this particular example qualifies for that condition rating. One would think it would have to have virtually zero miles on it. That’s definitely a judgment best left to the experts!

It is pretty safe to assume, though, that this piece of Dodge and Gabriel Iglesias history is going to fetch at least $100,000 at auction. Who knows, though? It may go for quite a bit more. Only time will tell, but this is definitely something worth tuning into the Barett-Jackson auctions to watch!


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