Futuristic Car Trends We Hope To See In Real Life

It seems like we all remember growing up imaging what the cars of the future would be like – and yes, most of us thought there would be flying cars by now. Whatever our ideas were and whether they have come to fruition hasn’t stopped us for continuing to imagine what future cars will look like from now, and even though we have no idea what the future holds – though it’s probably a lot of electric cars – we can still hope some of these futuristic car features become reality.

Updates in tech

Maybe it’s just me, but I always thought those spy movies that feature all of the cool biometric locks were the coolest thing ever. It wasn’t long after those movies that I wondered what it would be like if cars had biometric locks or even biometric ignitions so that only authorized users were able to get into the car and start it, without having to dig around for your key. Now that companies like Apple are able to use our fingerprints or facial recognition to unlock our phones, why not extend that fun tech to our cars?

Rinspeed sQuba, the world’s first real submersible car NICHOLAS RATZENBOECK / AFP) (Photo by NICHOLAS RATZENBOECK/AFP via Getty Images

This idea might be a little played out, but because I live on the coast near a large body of water, and in a town where everyone seems to own boats I always loved the idea of a submersible car or a car that could float on the water. Sure, some of these cars really exist, but they aren’t very practical or common – then again, how often do you find yourself needing to drive across a body of water? Is it a good idea? No. Is it cool? Absolutely.

Interior touches

Then, of course, there are some cool things we could see added to the interiors of cars too. Car technology is constantly adapting and changes, giving us some long-awaited features as well as some features we would have never expected. This next idea is something that already exists but doesn’t come from the factory for any car on the market.

A dashcam installed on an Uber driver's windshield
Dashboard camera (dashcam) installed on the interior window of an Uber vehicle | Smith Collection/Gado/Getty Images

The sQuba Car Can Go Under Water

Cameras are already being used all over cars, so it makes sense that manufacturers could give us built-in dashboard cameras. Many car manufacturers require a paid subscription to services like satellite radio, so it isn’t a far stretch for manufacturers to offer a paid ‘cloud’ subscription where your dashboard camera can record videos to a cloud to be viewed at a later date.

Speaking of safety and cameras, another cool feature that would be great for parents is a rear-facing interior camera that allows them to check on activity in the back seat. This is already becoming a production idea, but it still seems to be in the pilot phases as the feature begins to hit the market, and we hope to see this feature being widely used and available in the future.

The future holds endless possibilities for what trends we will see in cars, but only time will tell what consumers will pay for and what manufacturers are willing to invest in.