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Camper vans took over the internet for a while there during the worst of COVID. Like a light switch, everyone just decided that they needed a van to get away from everyone. Despite this massive camper boom, no automaker is making a production overland-ready van, until now, that is. Rivian is planning to have its off-road electric camper van, called the Adventure Van, ready by 2025. 

A green 2022 Rivian R1T is on a hill.
The 2022 Rivian R1T is on a hill | Rivian

Is Rivian making a new model?

“Keeping the world adventurous forever” is Rivian’s motto. The electric truck startup is sticking to its guns by announcing that an electric off-road camper van is inbound and ready to arrive by 2025. 

According to MotorTrend, ​​the Rivian Adventure Van will be based on the Rivian R1T. It will share the electric off-roader status and have clever features like Rivian’s camp kitchen. We imagine it will also likely have the ability to convert its seats into beds—allowing for days of off-the-grid living.

Why isn’t Rivian using the Amazone Prime vans for the camper? 

The 2023 Rivian R1S exterior in blue, parked outdoors at dusk
2023 Rivian R1S | Rivian

While it does seem easier to transfer the van platform over to make another van, Rivian will likely choose to go with R1T or R1S as the platform because of its tremendous off-roading abilities. Not to mention, the Amazon Prime van order is a hefty lift as it is. This is most likely why the van is set so far in the future. Rivian has struggled to keep up with production and pricing.

Not only are these vans not coming until 2025, but it is also likely that we still won’t be able to order one until Q4 of 2025. Rivian needs to take care of its other projects first. The van is likely a lower priority at this point. 

What do we know about the Rivian Adventure Van? 

While details on in short supply at the moment, MT says its source is fairly tight-lipped, as it is still very early in the process. However, MT believes that the Adventure Van might get multiple batteries and motor options and come standard with the company’s trick hydropneumatic suspension. 

If MotorTrend’s prediction about the multiple powertrains is true, then we suspect both dual- and quad-motor powertrains will be available. This means the new Rivian could rock 1,200 hp and 1,200 lb-ft, and Rivian’s 180-kWh Max battery pack. 

Does anyone make a factory overland camper? 

A Volkswagen Van like this one in yellow played Eduardo Franco's Surfer Boy Pizza van in Stranger Things 4.
A yellow and white VW van | Getty Images

The overland camper market has always been one of DIY projects, and after-market builds. Although there are companies who upfit campers and sell them as standard models, no OEM overland vehicles exist. 

If Rivian were to pull this off in a timely fashion, it could well be another first for the company. The Rivian R1T was the first electric truck brought to market by an OEM. So too, would this be the first OEM electric overland camper. Toyota used to sell the Chinook campers and Chevy the Blazer camper. The Rivian Adventure Van would harken back to the good old days when you could buy a factory overland camper. 

Something tells me I’ll be keeping an eye out for this one.


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