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As off-roading concepts go, this one is way out there. But it shows that when creative minds tackle problems, like conquering extreme terrain, there can be interesting solutions for the future. That’s what we like about the “Huntress”, an articulating truck that can tackle any obstacle. 

Why does the off-road Huntress articulate?

Huntress concept
Huntress concept by Conner Xu | Xu

Why articulating? Because it can twist its way over and around rugged terrain that a rigid truck can’t.  That was one of the parameters of designer Connery Xu’s efforts. The all-white off-roader is envisioned as an electric vehicle. It features an independent suspension front and rear. 

Independent suspensions make sense because they can move independently of what the other wheels contact. The ability for the body to twist means there is another element that aids in rough terrain dominance. Both the front wheels and headlights move as a unit. 

When in a twisted position, the second set of headlights is revealed. This adds more lighting for the driver when the terrain is rough enough to require articulation. Yet, they’re integrated into the design, as opposed to today’s tacked-on auxiliary lighting. While some like the look of disparate components sprinkled around their 4×4, we like the more integrated look the Huntress affords. 

What powers the Huntress off-road EV?

Huntress concept
Huntress concept by Conner Xu | Xu

Power comes from rear-mounted electric motors. Also positioned in the rear, tucked in between the tires, are spare tires. These are also integrated into the overall design, as opposed to being bolted into the bed as every off-road truck does now.

Designer Xu’s website displays many futuristic automotive creations. But this radical off-roader is the most convincing, and the most practical. What are the chances of concepts designed into the Huntress will maybe see reality in future off-road trucks? 

Is something like the Huntress concept marketable?

Huntress concept
Huntress concept by Conner Xu | Xu

Sometimes, new ideas and progress are hard to accept. But the Huntress combines both off-road grunt, with an eye to aesthetics. Where else can off-road trucks progress? With minor differences, production 4×4 trucks are the same. It’s time to break the 70-year-old mold with something like this concept. 

GMC Hummer
GMC Hummer design concept | GM

GM Design recently showed some concepts that led to the GMC Hummer. We liked them, and hope the details find their way to a future GM off-roader. But they’re based on the current layout of all trucks and SUVs. 

Audi Trail Quattro
Audi Trail Quattro | Audi

Audi has also recently shown an off-road concept that transcends off-road trucks and dune buggies. We’d really like to see it go into production, but that is highly unlikely. Still, it shows how design can be naturally integrated into off-road muscle. 

Would you buy something like the Huntress?

Huntress concept
Huntress concept by Conner Xu | Xu

Automakers need to differentiate their products from their competition. The main way to do that is with innovative engineering and design. We are hoping that the future holds some crazy off-road solutions that we’ll all lust for. 

Thanks to our friends at Designboom for the heads-up.


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