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Article Higlights for collectible cars

  • The Mercedes SLC will be prized as a reliable roadster project
  • The Alfa Romeo 4C will become a sought-after vintage Italian sports car
  • The final Lincoln Continental will be a modifiable piece of American history

Most modern consumers prefer crossovers to cars. One-by-one, classic sedans and coups are joining the ranks of discontinued cars. At the end of 2021, a dozen automakers are retiring beloved nameplates. Among them are three modern icons. These include the Mercedes SLC, Alfa Romeo 4C, and Lincoln Continental. Get one while you can, because these final editions will soon be hot collector’s items.

Mercedes SLC. Mercedes SLC: This unique German roadster will be a popular restoration. | Mercedes-Benz
Mercedes SLC | Mercedes-Benz

Roadsters are ubiquitous project cars. Why? Because they do not take up much space, they are fun to drive, and many of them are easy to work on. This is why modern hobbyists love their British roadsters and Miatas.

For fifteen glorious years, Mercedes made a front-engine roadster with thrilling performance and German reliability. It began life as the SLK, and later became the Mercedes SLC. Mercedes even offered the already nimble SLC with an available V8 engine. Sadly, Mercedes-Benz is canceling the SLC this year–according to Forbes. But in years to come, surviving SLCs may be a common project car for vintage Mercedes fans. This will be a collectible car.

Alfa Romeo 4C: Mid-engine Italian performance makes for a collectible car

Alfa Romeo 4C. Mid-engine Italian sports car makes for a collectible car | Stellantis
Alfa Romeo 4C | Stellantis

When Fiat/Alfa and Chrysler Corporation merged to form Stellantis, the new company considered ways to bring Alfa Romeo back to the U.S. It could have built some flagship car most enthusiasts could not afford. Instead, it built the incredible 4C, a future collectible car.

The 4C’s engineers used a carbon fiber tub to keep the sports car’s weight under 2,000 pounds. They tuned the mid-mounted turbo I4 for 237 horsepower. The result was an Italian sports car available for around $70K. What made the 4C amazing at launch will make it an even better collectors’ car: It is exotic, limited, fun to drive, and has an interesting history. Expect to see 4Cs parked amongst vintage Alfa Romeo collections soon.

Lincoln Continental: This collectible car is the culmination of an 82-year dynasty

Lincoln Continental. The modifiable Continental is a piece of history and will be a collectible car. | Ford Motor Company
Lincoln Continental | Ford Motor Company

The 6 Most Beautiful Sedans of 2021: Porsche, Alfa Romeo, And A Surprising Mazda

At some point, a car transcends being a technology or a product. After enough decades, a car becomes a cultural mainstay. Perhaps it gets chosen to star in several movies. Perhaps these movies are, James Bond, The Matrix, and Hit & Run. At some point it is more than a mainstay. At some point a car becomes an icon.

The Lincoln Continental is, and has been, an American icon. Classic Lincolns are collectible cars. This is why Ford Motor Company brought the badge back in 2017. But even this heavyweight cannot fight the transition to SUVs such as the Lincoln Navigator. Before Ford Motor Company cancelled the Continental again, the company created a prototype with the 1961 Continental’s iconic, rear-hinged rear doors. The result was an instant classic, even borrowed by Serena Williams to arrive in style at the Met Gala. This proves that the final Lincoln Continental still has its groove. With available 4WD and Cyclone V6, it may prove a popular modification platform for future generations of internal combustion fans.