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Many delivery and utility companies are switching to electric vehicles for transport. There aren’t many of these vehicles on the market, though, making the Ford E-Transit one of the primary options for these companies. How much can a company interested in a Ford E-Transit expect to pay for a baseline model or a fully loaded electric van?

Here’s the price for a baseline Ford E-Transit cargo van

A 2023 E-Transit Cargo Van Cost a hefty price, parked in a city environment.
2023 Ford E-Transit | Ford Media Center

Ford recently released information on the 2023 Ford E-Transit, which comes with an MSRP around the $50,000 mark. What do you get for that price? For starters, you get a usable battery capacity of 68 kWh and a range of 126 miles, versus the average range of 74 miles for other electric commercial vans.

According to Ford, additional benefits of purchasing one of their electric cargo vans include the facts that they have 4% fewer scheduled maintenance costs, zero tailpipe emissions, and 300 qualified upfitters around the country. This means you can purchase an E-Transit and customize it to fit your needs, choosing from various options and add-ons. 

Another advantage of the E-Transit is that the battery is placed underneath the vehicle, which frees up additional cargo space for your business needs. When purchasing the E-Transit, you can choose from low, medium, and high roof styles. You can also choose from three cab styles: the cargo van, cutaway, and chassis cab. That’s already a lot of variety, but in truth, it’s just the tip of the iceberg. 

What does a fully-loaded Ford E-Transit transport van cost?

Ford makes it as easy as possible for customers interested in the E-Transit to customize the vehicle to their liking. Someone wanted all the bells and whistles on their new Ford electric cargo van. Just how much would all that cost when all was said and done?

Going through all the options available on the customization page can seem a bit overwhelming, as buyers have the chance to choose everything from tires to exterior mirrors to floor mats and much more. A Ford customer who decided to take advantage of the most expensive packages, such as the interior upgrade package, and to purchase every add-on available would spend around 30% more on their E-Transit than someone who only wanted the basics. The total for a fully loaded Ford E-Transit cargo van comes to approximately $65,000. 

Here are some available add-ons for the Ford electric van

How does one arrive at such a large sum? One factor in that price is the choice of the interior upgrade package, which costs $1,330. That package gets you front and rear vinyl, a vinyl sun visor with an illuminated vanity mirror, cruise control, and much more.

On top of what the interior upgrade package gets you, you can also add bonus features such as heavy-duty cargo flooring, adaptive cruise control, and 16-inch black aluminum alloy wheels. You can also opt for a long-arm exterior mirror that comes with power adjusting, turn signals, and heating. 

Wheel well liners, a keyless entry keypad, a body-colored front bumper, and reverse brake assist are all other add-ons that might interest a Ford e-van buyer. 

The sky’s practically the limit regarding ways to suit Ford’s popular E-Transit van to your needs. If your business is looking for an eco-friendly cargo van to add to your fleet, this electric van is one to consider. 


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