Fuel Leaks Force a Recall For Ford’s Edge


In recall headlines over the past few weeks, General Motors has been front and center with its Silverado pickups for a potential fire risk. However, Ford is picking up any slack with a recall of its own, as it’s bringing 46,000 Edge SUVs back in, citing fuel leak concerns.

The recall includes some vehicles that were previously brought in back in 2012, as Ford is recalling the 2012-2013 Edge that was built from September 2010 through April of last year and equipped with Ford’s 2-liter engines.

“The fuel line pulse damper metal housing may crack as a result of an improper manufacturing process,” Ford said in a report to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. “A cracked fuel line pulse damper (a metal piece that smooths the movement of fuel through fuel line) housing may result in a combination of fuel odor, seepage, or a continuous leak while the fuel system is pressurized.”

Ford acknowledged that there are 24 warranty claims for fuel leaks relating to vehicles built after Ford recalled the Edge in 2012. Despite none of the new reports encompassing the vehicles that were recalled in 2012, Ford decided to include them in the new recall for good measure.

The original recall was initiated to fix a crack in the fuel line pump damper metal housing, which was a result of damage incurred during manufacturing. Nine reports of warranty claims for fuel odor or leaks in June spurred Ford to launch an investigation into the matter. Owners will be notified by February 28, and dealers will replace the affected fuel lines free of charge.

It was unclear as to whether Ford had received reports of injuries or deaths related to the issue; the dealers will replace the fuel line with a new line, which is not equipped with a damper.