Frustrating Honda CR-V Complaints Need to Know

The Honda CR-V has been around for a bit as a competitive SUV option. It could be considered a classic since it has been around in America since 1995. 

However, before you put your money down to drive off into the sunset, consider a few Honda CR-V complaints that shouldn’t be ignored. 

The Most Popular Honda CR-V Complaints 

The Honda CR-V isn’t perfect, but no SUV is. Before deciding to spend the next few years driving around with this vehicle, make sure you consider a few of the most common issues that frustrate drivers. 

2020 Honda CR-V Hybrid
2020 Honda CR-V Hybrid | Honda

Engine Issues

Some Honda CR-V drivers are haunted by a phantom check engine light that appears on their cluster display. The light comes on at random. When they take their Hondas in for maintenance mechanics struggle to figure out why the light is on. Then in only a few weeks to a few months later, the mysterious check engine light returns.

The emission standards light is another phantom light that appears. Mechanics could spend two to three hours going through CR-Vs to have no idea why the light came on at all. Then in a few cases, the light returned only three to four days later.

2019 Honda CR-V
2019 Honda CR-V | Honda

As drivers check their engine levels after driving, they find that it smells of gasoline, and the oil level is higher than before. This could suggest that gas gets mixed in the oil and could cause premature wear and tear of the engine and engine parts. 

Other drivers experienced their engine stalling or losing power due to this issue. It also caused the vehicle to have a delayed acceleration, making it dangerous to pull out into traffic. 

Electrical Problems 

The Honda CR-V is also known for electrical issues. Some drivers dealt with a cluster of warning lights flashing on the display before the battery lost power and their CR-V shut-off. 

Other drivers found that while going at 45 mph or above, their emergency braking collision avoidance system would automatically engage. 

This caused their vehicles to suddenly halt in traffic, increasing the risk of being hit. 

Some drivers reported having to frequently change their batteries because new ones would die in just a few days. Not even jumping their Honda CR-V could get it to start back up. 

2020 Honda CR-V Hybrid
2020 Honda CR-V Hybrid | Honda

Uncomfortable Seats 

There are an alarming number of drivers that complain about the Honda CR-V having uncomfortable seats, which isn’t ideal when you commit to an SUV. 

2020 Honda CR-V Touring interior
2020 Honda CR-V Touring interior | Honda

Drivers find the seats to be stiff and uncomfortable. Then instead of breaking them in to enhance comfort, a majority of drivers find that they get lower back pain that slowly intensifies. 

People also complain about hip pain and their butts going numb, despite trying every different setting combination possible. Neck pain is another frustrating concern as well. 

While seat discomfort is a major problem, it’s not like you can have new seats covered by Honda. All you can do is try adding padding seat covers and cushions to your ride.