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In the 90s, Japanese car culture was all about top speed. One name, Smokey Nagata, stands out in the crowd as one of this time’s most significant drivers and car modifiers.

Though his Top Secret V12 Toyota Supra is most likely the most famous of the bunch, this four-cylinder Toyota Supra is an absolute monster. With HKS modifications, this Toyota 3S-GTE engine pushes out over 700 horsepower. According to SpeedHunters, this car has quite a history outside of its top-speed runs.

Smokey Nagata's four-cylinder A80 Toyota Supra
Smokey Nagata’s four-cylinder Toyota Supra on display at the New York Auto Show | MotorBiscuit, Braden Carlson

After the Supra’s 180 MPH run in an attempt to break the New Zealand land speed record in 1999, the car eventually wound up in the hands of Japan Auto, an importer in Norway. The company’s warehouse had a fire, but the Supra made it out alive.

That’s great news because I got a chance to check it out in person at the New York Auto Show. It’s a phenomenal piece of Japanese automotive history! So, getting a chance to check it out in person was an awesome experience.

four-cylinder Toyota Supra with 700 horsepower 3S-GTE engine
Smokey Nagata’s four-cylinder Toyota Supra

Take a look at the video at the top of the page for the full lowdown. While you’re there, be sure to subscribe to the MotorBiscuit Youtube channel!


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