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Forza Horizon 5 lets players drive anywhere they’d like, so which are the best off-road vehicles? The latest installment from Playground Games and Xbox Game Studios has loads of cars from which to choose. Trucks, SUVs, and the most expensive cars in the world are easily found and driven all over the map. Some are much better for driving off-road than others.

The 1970 GMC Jimmy is one of the best off-road vehicles

A white 1970 GMC Jimmy is one of the best off-road vehicles in Forza Horizon 5.
1970 GMC Jimmy | Forza Horizon 5

The 1970 GMC Jimmy is a great off-road vehicle in Forza Horizon 5. Although it doesn’t have the best driving performance on the road, so be careful. The best part about the Jimmy is that in-game, it’s completely free. This 1970 GMC model is one of the 15 Barn Finds scattered around the map.

That means you can save your credits for that Ferarri you’ve been wanting and get a solid off-road option by completing the mission. The Barn Find unlocks during the Apex Expedition Outpost; you need to go to the top of the central ruin. From there, travel west of Cascadas De Agua Azul, and you’ll find the barn off of a dirt road hidden in some marshland.

The 2016 Jeep Trailcat needs tunes to be one of the best off-road vehicles

Although the 2016 Jeep Trailcat is one of the best off-road options available, it needs to be purchased and suped-up a bit. Players can buy the Trailcat for 75,000 credits, which isn’t too bad. Once you’ve got the vehicle unlocked, equip one of the more popular tunes. This off-road driving machine needs a little extra work, but it surpasses other options quickly.

The real Jeep Trailcat was no different back in 2016. It’s a Jeep Wrangler with a supercharged V8 Hellcat engine, the same supercharged V8 Hellcat that makes 707 horsepower for Dodge’s Challenger and Charger. Jeep created the Trailcat for its 50th annual Easter Safari fan fest in Moab, Utah.

2020 Ford Bronco R – DLC from Forza Horizon 5’s “Welcome Pack”

The 2020 Ford Bronco R is one of the best options for off-road driving right out of the gate. Many other options need tunes but drive the Bronco straight into the forest after purchasing, and it’ll be good to go. That saves you in-game credits and time trying to earn them.

The Bronco R comes in the Welcome Pack car suite, which comes in the game’s premium edition or separately. It costs just $4.99, but you can save .50 cents if you’re an Xbox Game Pass subscriber. It comes with the Bronco R and an Apollo Intensa Emozione, Porsche Taycan Turbo S, Toyota Supra RZ, and Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X GSR.

2017 Ford Brocky Ultra4 Bronco RTR is one of the best off-road vehicles

The Brocky Ultra4 Bronco from Forza Horizon 5 is one of the best off-road vehicles in the game.
2017 Brocky Ultra4 Bronco RTR | Forza Horizon 5

The Brocky can’t compete with the Bronco R from the start, but tunes can improve it. This amazing-looking vehicle is the perfect choice for tuning up and heading out on an off-road journey. It’s based on a first-generation Bronco and created by Vaughn Gittin Jr. Gittin created Brocky to enter the Ultra4 4800 class of the 2017 King of the Hammers.

Brocky is well-equipped with a 7.0-liter Ford crate engine, a heavy-duty TH400 transmission, and two 10-inch GearWorks differentials. The naturally-aspirated V8 engine makes 600 horsepower, which is more than enough to blast through off-road obstacles. According to Forza Wiki, it’s a 10/10 for off-road driving.

Forza Horizon 5’s 2014 Local Motors Rally Fighter is an expensive off-road option

The Rally Fighter is similar to the Trailcat upon initial purchase. Unfortunately, it is the more expensive option of the two. The design of the vehicle is undoubtedly an acquired taste and might not be for everyone. However, it does come stacked with a 6.2-liter V8 engine making 430 horsepower.

Local Motors manufactured the real-life version of the vehicle from 2010-2016 in Arizona. It doesn’t look the part, but it is street legal in every US state. The 6.2-liter GM LS3 V8 comes paired with a GM 4L85-E automatic transmission, which Local Motors chose to prevent over-revving during jumps.

The Ford Ranger T6 Rally Raid off-road truck

A Ford Ranger T6 Rally Raid off-road truck from Forza Horizon 5
Ford Ranger T6 Rally Raid | Forza Horizon 5

One of the Best Car Games Ever – Forza Horizon 5 – Moves From England to Mexico

This Ford Ranger T6 Rally Raid race car from 2014 is one of the better options in the game for off-road driving. It’s also available for purchase from the Autoshow for 250,000 credits. The speed and handling of this vehicle aren’t the best, but its off-roading capabilities and high launch rating make it a fun option.

The truck’s assembly took place in the US as Ford’s entry into the Dakar Rally in 2014. It uses a Ford Mustang’s military dust-proofed 32-valve V8 engine. The 4.9-liter beast creates 349 horsepower and 413 lb-ft of torque, and it comes with all-wheel drive.

There are plenty of off-road vehicles in Forza Horizon 5, but these are some of the best options available. Best of all, most of them are easily accessible through Barn Finds or quick purchases with minimal credits. Off-road driving in the game can be enjoyable or just a great way to travel from point A to point B without needing to follow roads and follow traffic.