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Formula 1 is currently on summer break, but that doesn’t mean the Ferrari Formula 1 team is taking time off. With three weeks off, the Ferrari team has been upgrading the power units on both cars.

Ferrari Formula 1 Team vs. the Mercedes and Red Bull teams

Will a Power Boost Help the Ferrari Formula 1 Team Beat Red Bull?
Charles Leclerc of Monaco driving for the Ferrari Formula 1 Team | Bryn Lennon – Formula 1/Formula 1 via Getty Images

According to Formula 1, both Ferrari cars will get a power boost during the summer break. It was reported this is some sort of “significant” engine upgrade. While the usual suspects are the Mercedes-AMG Petronas Formula 1 Team, Red Bull Racing is the new team to beat.

Carlos Sainz and Charles Leclerc have been pushing hard to gain some points this season, and it has worked. The current driver’s rankings show Sainz in sixth place with 83 points and Leclerc in seventh with 80 points. The Ferrari Formula 1 team is currently tied for third alongside McLaren with 163 points. Mercedes is in first with 303 points, followed closely by the Red Bull F1 team with 291 points.

Ferrari boss Mattia Binotto confirmed that the current power unit in both cars is from the 2020 season. Teams are restricted to upgrade one component per year, and it seems Ferrari was waiting to upgrade the power unit until now.

The Ferrari Formula 1 team isn’t ready to accept third place yet

As it stands right now, both Sainz and Leclerc are on the third engine of the season. Each team is allowed three, so there is a good chance the team will incur grid penalties either way. It would make sense to switch the engine out at that time if penalties are on the table anyway.

“We will bring a power unit development. To clarify the regulations for 2021, you may have a brand new power unit in 2021. It means you can bring an update in all components of the power unit – the ICE, turbo, MGU-H, batteries, MGU-K etc.”

Mattia Binotto | Formula 1

Binotto confirmed that at the start of the 2021 season, there were components from 2020 included. Since then, it sounds like the Ferrari Formula 1 team has been working on the “evolution” of the parts. He also clarified these parts would be a big step toward the new 2022 regulations.

There is time for a major shakeup in the rankings


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The summer break comes with 12 more Grand Prix still on the schedule, which is plenty of time for a shakeup from Ferrari. Binotto noted that the team has been working hard and hopes to hold on to third place. “The objective is to improve in all the areas. If we are capable of doing that, continuously improving, I think the outcome will be third.”

For the 2020 season, Ferrari finished sixth overall with 131 points. They have already surpassed that by 32 points this year. The power unit upgrade is definitely going to give the Ferrari Formula 1 team a shot at the podium. Keep an eye out for Sainz and Leclerc in the red Ferraris when the Formula 1 season continues at the Belgian Grand Prix at the end of this month. It might not be enough to beat Red Bull and Mercedes, but at least the team is competitive.