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People who wanted to buy a car used to have to schlep to the local dealership and pick from what was on the lot. That certainly isn’t the case anymore. Online stores like Carvana, CarNext, CarMax, and Vroom are making it easier than ever to buy a car from the comfort of home. Or, if you are Max Verstappen, CarNext will deliver your Red Bull Racing Formula 1 car to wherever you need to be.

Delivering the Max Verstappen Red Bull Racing RB14 car

Max Verstappen's Red Bull Racing RB14 Formula 1 car
Max Verstappen’s Red Bull Racing RB14 Formula 1 car | Clive Mason/Getty Images

The Red Bull Racing RB14 is no longer used during Formula 1 races, but that doesn’t mean it is retired. Max Verstappen’s old Formula 1 car is on the move! CarNext picked up the car and drove it around the streets of Amsterdam for a little bit. After a few victory laps, Verstappen’s old vehicle landed at the Max Verstappen shop in Batavia Stad Fashion Outlet in Lelystad.

While this car hasn’t been used since the Red Bull Racing team switched from Renault to Honda engines back in 2019. Even though it was a Renault engine, the engine was rebadged as TAG Heuer. The RB14 was repainted to match the current 2021 color scheme to match the current RB16B car.

CarNext loaded the vehicle onto the CarNext delivery truck that happens to be the perfect truck for show-and-tell. It has clear sides and tends to draw a lot of attention.

You can visit Max Verstappen’s old Formula 1 car in the Netherlands

If you happen to be in the area of Batavia Stad in Lelystad, Netherlands, you can see the Formula 1 car on display. In the promo ad above, Max Verstappen calls CarNext headquarters to arrange for the delivery. When the staff member agrees to deliver the vehicle, Verstappen responds, “That’s simply lovely.” This is just a partnership with Verstappen and CarNext, but it is nice to see a lighter piece of news involving the racer.

The Belgian Grand Prix is up on August 27 at the famous Spa-Francorchamps circuit. That is followed by the Dutch Grand Prix at Circuit Zandvoort. This is the home track for Verstappen, and with all of the drama between himself and Lewis Hamilton, it should turn out to be a great race.

Don’t understimate Red Bull going into the second half of the season


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The Red Bull Racing RB14 led Max Verstappen to 11 podium finishes and two wins during the partnership in 2018. When CarNext asked Verstappen about the upcoming races, he seemed confident in his performance. “The second half of the season starts on my home ground, and the whole team is eager to continue our strong performance in this championship so far.”

Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton have one of the more heated rivalries in recent memory. Neither of the drivers is taking that lightly. The second half of the 2021 Formula 1 season is going to be very interesting. And if you want to go see one of Verstappen’s old F1 cars, head on over to the Netherlands.