Forget the SUV and Take a Sports Car Camping Instead

If the last year has taught us one thing, it’s that camping is back in a big way. People were stuck in a house or apartment with nowhere to go and the constant blaring of negative news in their ears. So, we got out. We went camping. It led to a massive uptick in SUV and truck sales, but what if that isn’t the only way to get out? What if, you take a sports car camping instead?

Brock Keen’s Porsche 911 is a fresh approach to outdoor life

A Porsche 911 is about as good as sports car camping gets
@996roadtrip on Insta for the curious | Brock Keen

Some of you more hardcore automotive enthusiasts may be familiar with Brock Keen’s Instagram, @996roadtrip. Basically, Mr. Keen bought a 996 generation Porsche 911 4S and decided to take it camping. I’m not sure if this was intended as an affront to all the tricked-out 4Runners I see every weekend here in Colorful Colorado, but it sure is. Normally, we associate ground clearance with practicality in camping. Keen’s Porsche disproves that quickly.

He’s even lowered the car. On his Instagram, Keen regularly preaches about the usability of his 911 4S, and he’s right. If you can drive a 911 every day, you can certainly take one camping. He even hits the camping Insta-cliche of bringing the dog along for the photo shoot (her name is Lucy and she’s amazing). Keen isn’t the only one, either. Go take a look at Chris Cut’s Instagram for more photos of JDM royalty out in the woods roughing it.

The whole roof tent-sports car thing is a bit of a trend now

A red Acura NSX with a roof tent and matching trailer, made from another NSX
Matching tents are a must | Chris Cut

Clearly, this is fast becoming a bit of a trend. It’s definitely one I’m here for, and actively participate in. My E46 M3 made its maiden camping voyage last weekend and did phenomenally. If anything, this small handful of people (myself excluded, for journalistic integrity) have shown that you don’t always need a hugely modified SUV or truck to go play in the dirt.

Taking a sports car camping is the ultimate “have your cake and eat it too.” Frankly, we could all use a little bit of that over the last year. Sure, some of the more extreme examples are fun to look at, but you don’t really even need half the equipment you see in these photos to get out and enjoy what’s left of nature. The message both of these accounts send is to simply “get out there” and it’s one we should all be wise to heed. It also raises a question.

Should you take a sports car camping?

Chris Cut's red NSX targa camping rig
A dog is a must | Sam Du via MotorTrend

I Promise It’s Easy to Daily Drive a Sports Car

In short, take your sports car camping. Hell, take your minivan. Take your 4Runner, your Taco, your whatever. A roof tent and rails can easily run you several thousand dollars, but you don’t really need it. A tent is $50 bucks at Walmart. There’s associated costs with camping, yes, but you can still do it very comfortably for under $500. So, once more, get out there.