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Just when we were getting our hopes up for a smaller Ram truck, our Ram Dakota dreams were put on hold. Ram CEO Mike Koval provided updates about the potential Ram Dakota, and now the outlook doesn’t seem too great. 

The Ram Dakota isn’t a top priority 

The Ram Dakota could mark the return of a mid-size truck from Ram.
Ram Dakota Concept | K Design

People are loving new compact trucks like the Ford Maverick and Hyundai Santa Cruz. People can’t get enough of these compact options and want more, which is why rumors about the Ram Dakota, new Subaru Baja, two-door Jeep Gladiator, and Chevy Montana are gaining steam. 

But Ram CEO Mike Koval suggests that more prominent projects are currently of the most importance. For example, he noted the interest and demand for Ram products on a global scale thanks to the RAM TRX. 

Comparing the gigantic Ram 1500 TRX to the miniature Ford Maverick could be comical. It would be like putting a chihuahua next to a mastiff. 

Anyways, Koval explained that Ram is a part of a global company, Stellantis, and there’s synergy that provides access to it. Basically, the Ram Dakota is waiting to find the perfect opportunity to attack. 

Is a Ram truck coming? 

Maybe, we aren’t losing hope for the Ram Dakota yet. Mike Koval named a few examples of the small pickup trucks in South America, like the Fiat Strada and Ram 700, that he has access to, but that’s not exactly a good clue. 

He was careful to say that he only used them as examples. But examples of what? Are they successful? Could they be used to attack? Perhaps the new Ram truck won’t be based on them at all. 

Koval didn’t let anything else about the matter slip. But he did acknowledge that the compact truck segment is a large white space opportunity. That’s pretty vague, but according to CarBuzz, he also said he doesn’t have anything to announce yet. 

This is being taken as a flicker of hope. It could mean the Ram Dakota is eventually coming to smaller truck segment. Until then, the focus remains on bigger things, such as developing a more efficient HEMI V8 engine and making the Ram 1500 EV the best electric truck. 

Stellantis is all in on the Ram 1500 EV 

Ram 1500 EV Rendering
Ram 1500 EV Rendering | CarBuzz

The Ram 700 Disappoints Ram Dakota Fans

So the Ram Dakota isn’t officially happening yet, but the Ram 1500 EV is on the way. Koval noted that it will be the best EV truck because existing customers are playing a role in the development. 

This could potentially be a home run for Stellantis on this side of things. Ram engineers have already made changes to the Ram 1500 EV based on customer feedback.

Plus, Ram is keeping an eye on the competition for any issues that may arise to fix possible hiccups before the company launches its first fully electric vehicle. 

Ram is being sneaky and spying on others for the perfect time to strike in multiple different segments. Also, we know that Ram is listening to what customers want. 

Sure, the Ram 1500 EV is exciting, but so is the idea of a smaller Ram truck. Perhaps it’s time for fans to get loud and draw more attention to the Ram Dakota. We’ll keep an eye out for updates.