Forget Camper Vans – the Ford Falcon XB GT Is the Perfect Car for 2020

There is no shortage of memes, articles, and social media posts calling 2020 the apocalypse. This declaration feels a little dramatic, but I say that if we are gonna talk about it being the apocalypse so often, we might as well drive like it. The camper van thing is a step in that direction, and I appreciate it. But the camper van and RV thing are mostly for leisure. There is another side of apocalyptic motoring that is far less instagramable but way better – and by better, I mean 80s. I’m talking about the Mad Max Ford Falcon XB GT!

Mad Max showed us the templet for wasteland motoring, we just have to follow it. 

The Mad Max Ford Falcon is one of the most iconic movie cars of all time. The specific model was the Australian made 1973 Ford Falcon XB GT. Clearly, the car was heavily modified for the picture. Somewhere underneath all that matte-black paint and bodywork, there is, in fact, a Falcon. The folks over at Graf-X and the Director of Mad Max, Jon Dowding, are responsible for this apocalypse-rod. 

1973 Ford Falcon XB GT

Silodrome says that the Ford Falcon XB GT was the follow up to the Falcon XA. These were cars that were made for the Australian market. Ford even made a panel van version (rad) for the Australians. 

Mad Max Ford Flacon XB GT
Mel Gibson with Mad Max Ford Flacon XB GT | Getty Images

The Ford Falcon XB GT came with a few engine options, the most popular being the 302-cubic-inch V8 and the coolest being the Clevland 351 V8. 

Time to recreate the legendary Ford Falcon XB GT

Because we never got the XB GT over here in the states, Americans have to import the Falcons if they want to raid people for their “guzzolene” in the proper style. The one pictured is an exact recreation of the one from the film. It is an original Australian 1973 Ford Falcon XB GT that used the same Australian parts to make it like the Mad Max Pursuit Special exactly as seen in Mad Max, Mad Max 2, and Fury Road.

Ford Falcon XB GT Mad Max
Ford Falcon XB GT Mad Max | Mecum

The Ford Falcon BX GT Max spec

This clone was built with the exact same specs as the original film car with the big, bad Clevland 351 V8. Just like in the film, this recreation has the fully functional Weiand supercharger topped with dual Holley four-barrel carburetors and a chrome scoop. If you are familiar with the film, you’ll be pleased to see that the engine mods proudly extend past the Falcon’s hood, just as they should. 


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The intense attention to detail doesn’t stop there. The car is weathered and worn exactly how the one from the film was. The exterior paint, engine compartment, tattered seats, passenger jump seat, and even the little blue police light are all perfectly plucked from the silver screen into our real-world, dusty apocalyptic landscape. 

At least driving in the apocalypse is fun

This Ford Falcon XB GT proudly sports a four-speed manual Hurst shifter mounted on the floor, as God intended. The Falcon also has a column-mounted tachometer and a stripped-down racing steering wheel. If you recall the wild shark-like double fins from the movie, you’ll be pleased to see that this recreation displays the same radical look. The coolest looking thing on this car is the chopper-esque, four-per-side, organ-pipe exhaust. It makes the car infinitely more serious-looking than just Bondo bodywork. 

If 2020 is getting to you, you can start your life as Max, now

This incredible build is currently up with all specs, details, and tons of photos on Mecum as the premier auction house gets ready to auction this bad boy off. Gather some “guzzolene” and slam your V8 through the waste of 2020, Mad-Max style!