Forget Buying a Lamborghini, Buy This Entire Supercar Company for $675,000 Instead

Let’s face it. Most of us will never create bespoke works of art like Horacio Pagani or even world-record-beating machines like Christian Von Koenigsegg. In most cases, we’re on the other end of that equation, lusting after the latest and greatest supercars. However, an American-made supercar called the Falcon F7 presents an unusual opportunity.

According to LoopNet, the entire company behind this elusive Ferrari-fighter is up for sale. The asking price currently sits at $675,000, or about as much as a fully-loaded Lamborghini Aventador SVJ. Additionally, that price includes one fully-functioning F7 along with everything you need to produce it.

Is the Falcon F7 still made?

An image of a Falcon F7 outdoors.
Falcon F7 | Falcon Motorsports

The Falcon F7 supercar can trace its roots back to 2009 when automotive designer Jeff Lemke founded Falcon Motorsports. His first entry into the world was the Falcon F5 which seemingly never made it into production. His follow-up act, the Falcon F7, absolutely did, with four of them completed during its production run.

However, as you might imagine, the entire company is up for sale, so you can’t exactly buy a brand-new Falcon F7 supercar anymore. Thankfully, this might not be the end for this elusive machine. In fact, the listing on LoopNet offers up the basics to start your own supercar company.

For starters, the sale includes a fully-functional Falcon F7 supercar and all of the tools, molds, and materials lists needed to produce it. Additionally, you get all of the company’s logos, slogans, trademarks, copyrights, and engineering data.

So if you are ambitious enough and your wallet has no end, you could essentially pick up where the Falcon F7 left off.

What lives under the hood?

An image of a Falcon F7's engine bay.
Falcon F7 | Falcon Motorsports

Since the Falcon F7 is an American-made supercar, it won’t surprise you to learn that it houses a massive V8 under its hood. The engine is a 7.0-liter LS7 out of a Corvette Z06. According to MotorTrend, Lingenfelter fiddled with the powertrain, extracting a total of 620 hp in the process. However, if you want even more power, a twin-turbo kit was available, pushing this car’s output to a healthy 1,100 hp.

The only transmission option available for the Falcon F7 was a six-speed manual with a gated shifter. MotorTrend reports that the naturally-aspirated variant should hit 60 mph in 3.3 seconds while the turbocharged one could reach it in 2.7 seconds. Thanks to the extensive use of carbon components, this car tips the scales at just 2,785 lb.

What does a Falcon F7 cost?


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As you might imagine, a supercar with the claimed capabilities of the Falcon F7 is likely far from cheap. According to Motor1, the F7 carried a base price of around $250,000. However, since these machines could be customized quite extensively, that price varies greatly.

While just seven of these machines exist in total, one recently came up for sale on Cars and Bids. Unfortunately, the bidding ended at $122,000 with the car not finding a new home. However, now, you can have the entire company for just $675,000.