Forget Buying A 2022 Edition 1 GMC Hummer: Sold Out In 2 Hours

Yes, the entire Edition One run of the 2022 GMC Hummer EV sold out in two hours. So you can forget about plunking down over 100-big for at least a while. You either need to settle for a lesser Hummer, be patient, or get a Bronco. Wait, they’re sold out too. OK, how about a Tesla Cybertruck? Yikes, you’d be number 600-thousand something in line. Forget that.

Oh well, there’s always a new Corvette. Forget that one too-it’s also sold out. But you can configure a 2021 Corvette right now as the website just opened up. Folks have a lot of time on their hands so when feeling the urge those who want it jump on it. Is this the future of marketing and selling vehicles? 

Is the GMC Hummer reveal how all new models will debut going forward?

The GMC Hummer EV is an all-electric pickup truck.
GMC Hummer EV | GMC

We think yes. Look at the big splash each of the above vehicles received. Then, we watched as the orders started climbing. Not too much later the first year or First Edition was sold out. Like the Mustang Mach E. And these are for models that you’ll have to be patient about receiving. 

In the case of the GMC Hummer Edition One, like the Bronco First Edition, we didn’t expect it would take very long to sell out. GM plans on making only about 1,000. And according to GM, there are “thousands” on the Hummer list right now. Those poor souls will have to settle for a lesser Hummer. What a pity.

The good news is that the other trims are less than the Edition One models. So you’ll be saving a few bucks. That is what you’ll tell your friends when they laugh at you for not having an Edition One. 

The Hummer World Series debut points to how we’ll see and maybe buy our cars

The GMC Hummer EV is an all-electric pickup truck.
GMC Hummer EV | GMC

Is the Hummer All That GM Has Got For Its Electric Future?

The pandemic has changed how we are fed new vehicles and how we see them. The car shows of the past vanished in 2020 and it is a question of how relevant they will be in 2021. That is, assuming a COVID-19 vaccine shows up. We still think there will be a reason for potential buyers to see new models in person. But if dealers are willing to drive to your house for you to test drive one you have picked out then maybe ordering over the internet will kill car shows. 

Not every new model will be worth debuting during the World Series as was the case with the Hummer EV. But streaming services and individual, personalized walkarounds make a lot of sense in the age of the World Wide Web. And who likes those grueling hours in the sales manager’s sweaty little cubical in the corner of a dealership? No one.

As for the GMC Hummer EV, if the electric gremlins stay away and those old GM quality issues do too then the Hummer should do well. It is everything a truck buyer would want, including not driving a gas hog.