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This is the “MegaBronc,” a Ford F-250 modified into a custom one-off that includes three-row seating and a Bronco front clip. To finish off the bed inside it has added third-row seating. This makes for quite the roomy cabin. If you ever wished for a larger, longer, three-row Bronco, you should definitely check this out.

Who makes the MegaBronc Bronco?

2022 MegaRexx
2022 MegaRexx MegaBronc | MR.

MegaRexx Trucks created the MegaBronc, those North Carolina purveyors of the Ford MegaRaptor. It appears to be the company’s next big deal, or should we say megadeal. And while it looks like a fairly simple swapping of a Bronco front clip to an F-250, it was much more involved than that. 

“If you love the looks of the Bronco but need to tow a heavy load or haul six friends or family around, then we’ve got you covered,” said Aaron Richardet, on the MegaRexx website. “This truck has more space, more capacity, and most important-more of a statement!”

What did the MegaBronc start as?

2022 MegaRexx
2022 MegaRexx MegaBronc | MR.

MegaRexx starts with an F-250 Super Duty Crew Cab Lariat. This is the high-end Lariat trim, which means it is loaded with premium features and materials from the factory. Everything from the panoramic dual moonroofs to leather seats and heated steering wheel, it’s all there. 

The middle row of seats are the same as the fronts, with a bench seat taking up the rear. A fiberglass top which is an F-250 cap encloses the former bed area. But rear passengers need not worry about rollovers, as a steel cage protects everyone under the top. And the top is removable for open-air fun.

How did MegaRexx make the Bronco/F-250 body?

2022 MegaRexx
2022 MegaRexx MegaBronc next to stock Bronco | MR.

To mimic the Bronco wheel openings MegaRexx added new outer bedsides. They stop short of the F-250 taillights and tailgate and stick out a bit at the bed and cab break. A Bronco clip has been both widened and heightened. Tieing it all together is a MegaRexx hood replacing the one on a stock F-250, to tie it all together. 

Compared side-by-side, the added Bronco front-end dimensions are obvious. But they don’t detract from the presentation. However, it does show that it is easier to imagine than to execute. It’s like taking two different watermelon halves and then trying to glue them back together. You’ll have to slice and dice one or both of them. 

That said, the added panels also add width. The MegaBronc is eight inches wider than your standard F-Series truck. That may or may not be a concern in parking lots. Or garages. 

Did MegaRexx modify the suspension?

2022 MegaRexx
2022 MegaRexx MegaBronc third seat | MR

Underneath is a textbook of off-road mods. These include lifted suspension front and rear, 20-inch MR605 Method Race wheels, and 40-inch tall Atturo mud-terrain tires. Dana 60 live axles are in the front and back, with stump-pulling 4.56 gears.

Power is from a 6.7-liter Power Stroke turbodiesel V8. That means 475 hp and 1,050 lb-ft of torque. We expect that these will be showing up at truck festivals this summer, and at the 2022 SEMA Show come November. 


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