Ultra-Weird Predator Toyota Prius Is a Near-Silent Hunting Machine

Despite having a naturally-aspirated 1.8-liter engine under its hood, the Toyota Prius emits little more than a hum while moving around. While that might sound excellent for reducing noise pollution, a company out of Dallas, Texas, had a completely different idea. That’s because it decided to morph this hybrid-hatch into a hunting vehicle called the Predator Prius.

The company in question is called Starwood Customs, and it has no shortage of interesting projects, ranging from muscle cars, modified exotics, and massive lifted Jeeps. While this idea might seem a little wacky at first, this little hybrid hunter certainly makes a good case for itself.

Is the Toyota Prius a good car?

An image of a modified Toyota Prius parked outdoors.
Toyota Prius | Starwood Customs via Facebook

If you’re going hunting in the middle of nowhere, the Toyota Prius is pretty much the car for the job. For starters, regardless of the generation you’re looking at, Consumer Reports ranks this little hybrid machine as one of the most reliable brand-new cars money can buy.

Since it’s a Prius, you won’t have to worry about running out of juice either. That’s because this little hatchback consumes an estimated 58 mpg in the city and 53 mpg on the highway.

However, as you might have noticed, this particular example features some unique modifications. For starters, the exterior is covered in a dark-green textured coating, creating a stealthy aesthetic.

While its suspension appears relatively unchanged, this little Toyota got chunky off-roading tires as well as new wheels. In the front, you’ll find a bull bar, a winch, and a massive metal rack. However, wait until you see what’s new in the rear.

This custom-built hybrid loses its rear hatch

An image of a modified Toyota Prius parked outdoors.
Toyota Prius | Starwood Customs via Facebook

When you have a near-silent Toyota Prius as your hunting vehicle, you don’t need to walk around to hunt. Instead, you can completely chop off your car’s rear end and fit a standing area complete with a bench and gun holsters.

In case you’re hunting at night, the Predator Prius houses three separate LED lights. You even get a second rack on its roof, complete with a full-size spare tire. While this little hybrid has undoubtedly undergone a bit of a rear-end diet, it’s likely heavier than ever with all of these added extras.

As a result, with a total output of 121 hp, and a 0-60 mph time of 9.7 seconds, the Toyota Prius certainly won’t help you if you’re getting chased. However, since this is a custom project, you can order yours exactly to your liking.

How much does this hunting-ready Toyota Prius cost?

An image of a modified Toyota Prius parked outdoors.
Toyota Prius | Starwood Customs via Facebook

How Much Does it Cost to Charge a Toyota Prime Model?

As you might imagine, with a custom-built project, we don’t know how much this Toyota Prius costs. However, for context, a standard brand-new model starts at around $24,525. Thankfully, none of these modifications require a specific model year. As a result, nothing stops you from buying a used example and converting it into a silent but efficient hunting machine.