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It’s alive, and it looks mean. The Fordzilla P1 Supervan is turning into one hack of an off-roading beast. With ideas from gamers and Ford Transit modifications, the Fordzilla P1 transformed from a virtual Ford vehicle to a real-life vehicle. 

The Fordzilla P1 Supervan is becoming a real van 

Fordzilla P1 Supervan Concept
Fordzilla P1 Supervan Concept | Ford

Gamers can witness their creations evolve as the Fordzilla P1 Supervan emerges from virtual game settings in real life. Ford mentioned that its virtual racing outfit, Team Fordzilla, would be collaborating with gamers to design a new racer known as the P1. 

Then a concept of the Team Fordzilla P1 was revealed after a few months. The real-life van that was based on the virtual beast debuted in December 2020. This led to Ford transforming the P1 into a full-scale playable video game simulator. 

After it became popular, a specially-equipped Ford Transit gaming van entered the scene in June, and things continued to escalate quickly. Now Ford is announcing a partnership with Tribe Gaming to help design the Fordzilla P1 Supervan. 

What to expect with the Ford gaming van 

Tribe Gaming is a professional esports organization based in Austin, Texas. They will help design the Forzilla P1 Supervan with the help of input from fans. This Supervan Vision Concept was announced at the Gamescon event in Cologne, Germany. 

It’s following in the tracks of its predecessor with a similar path to creation. So, Ford is inviting gamers to participate in creating the Supervan by allowing people to vote on certain design elements with polls on Twitter. 

The first pill asks if the Fordzilla P1 Supervan should be a track weapon or an off-road racer. About 70 percent of the voters picked the off-roading option. 

Now the next stage of this process is live. Ford is asking fans tons of important questions like what the extreme Ford Transit van should look like. Fans are providing input about the wheel design, if the wheels should be exposed, how many wheels it should have, and more. 

Emmanuel Lubarni of Team Fordzilla shared, “We continue to do things differently by being true to the Team Fordzilla DNA and delivering new experiences, like the P1 simulator and projects like the P1 Supervan, to give some excitement back.”

Is the Ford Transit super? 

The 2022 Ford E-Transit in the city
2022 Ford E-Transit | Ford

The 2021 Ford Transit Looks Even Cooler in Abyss Gray

We will have to wait a little longer to see the new Fordzilla P1 Supervan come to life. Until then, we can check out the 2022 Ford E-Transit. It joins the Ford lineup as the third all-electric vehicle. It sits with the Ford Mustang Mach-E and Ford F-150 Lightning at the cool kid’s table.

The base model begins at about $45,000, and Ford hasn’t revealed its specs yet. A single motor generates 266 hp and 317 lb-ft of torque. It’s expected to have a peppy acceleration, and all-wheel drive isn’t available. 

With the 67.0-kWh battery pack, the E-transit is good for up to 126 miles of range. The van can be charged with AC power outlets or a DV fast-charging station. Ford will provide a mobile charger to allow the van to be charged at home.  

We’re excited to see if the Fordzilla P1 Supervan will go electric. Perhaps that will be voted on. We will keep you updated as the Ford Transit evolves into many different creations.