Ford’s 2020 SEMA Builds Are Ready To (Virtually) Hit the Dirt

While the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has quashed the in-person SEMA show, that’s not stopping Ford. Toyota has already virtually introduced its planned SEMA builds, and now the Blue Oval is doing the same. The official reveal is happening on YouTube over two days, starting at 8 pm EST on November 19, 2020. We’ve already seen one of the planned vehicles, the 1400-hp Mustang Mach-E racer. But as the sneak peeks detailed below show, Ford’s got more planned for its SEMA special event.

The Ford Bronco Badlands Sasquatch 2-Door

Given the reborn Ford Bronco’s popularity, it was almost inevitable that the SUV would feature in a SEMA build. Said popularity is down to its ability to work both as an off-road and an on-road vehicle. And it’s this duality, which puts the Ford Bronco at-odds with the Jeep Wrangler, that the Badlands Sasquatch 2-Door concept is designed to highlight.

The side view of the black Ford Bronco Badlands Sasquatch 2-Door SEMA Concept
Ford Bronco Badlands Sasquatch 2-Door Concept side | Ford

The Sasquatch Package already beefs up the Ford Bronco’s off-road credentials with features like locking differentials, bead-lock-capable wheels, and Bilstein shocks. This SEMA build, though, goes a bit further, Road & Track explains. Like the normal Sasquatch, it has fender flares. Only the concept’s flares are removable; not just to prevent damage, but so you can take them off when you’re not off-roading. That’s because, again, this concept is meant to show that the Bronco can work in the dirt and the city.

A red 1966 Ford Bronco Roadster climbs a rocky mountain hill
1966 Ford Bronco Roadster | Ford

Besides the fender flares, the Ford Bronco Badlands Sasquatch 2-Door has cut-away doors, as an homage to the 1st-gen Bronco roadster. The images also show a metal winch-equipped bumper, front-mounted fog lights, and potentially a suspension upgrade, R&T reports. Ford has also revealed that this concept comes with 3D-printed titanium parts. Which parts those are, though, hasn’t been revealed as of this writing.

The Ford MAD Bronco Sport Badlands

The Ford Bronco Sport is also getting in on the SEMA action, Autoweek reports. And it’s doing so with help from MAD Industries, a long-time Ford concept builder.

A blue 2021 Ford Bronco Sport Badlands modified by MAD Industries
2021 Ford MAD Bronco Sport Badlands | Ford

As of this writing, Ford hasn’t released specific build details about this Bronco Sport. The camper trailer and various gear racks suggest that it’s an overlanding build, Autoblog reports. It also has off-road tires and wheels and an accessory light bar, The Drive reports.

It’s possible this Ford Bronco Sport build has more parts that we don’t yet know about. Roadshow reports that it’s meant to be a show-case for Bronco Sport accessories. So, if you’re interested in modifying your own SUV, this will definitely be one to watch.

The F-150 Limited Hybrid SuperCrew by BDS Suspension

The introduction of a hybrid powertrain to the Ford F-150 lineup is a genuinely historic moment for the truck. And not least because it means it now has an optional on-board generator.

The blue 2021 Ford F-150 Limited Hybrid SuperCrew by BDS Suspension next to a mountain lake
2021 Ford F-150 Limited Hybrid SuperCrew by BDS Suspension | Ford

Naturally, then, Ford’s 2020 SEMA event features an F-150 Hybrid build. Like the Ford Bronco build, it’s meant to demonstrate that the hybrid truck’s strengths as a working and weekend-fun vehicle, Motor1 explains. That’s why, in addition to the generator, it has a BDS Suspension lift kit, off-road tires, and a skid plate, R&T reports. It also appears to have either a rack system or a camper mounted in the bed.

The Ranger XLT Tremor SuperCrew

Rounding out Ford’s 2020 SEMA builds is a modified Ranger XLT Tremor SuperCrew. The Tremor Package, like the Sasquatch Package, gives the Ranger some extra off-road goodies. Specifically, a lift kit, upgraded suspension, all-terrain tires, Fox 2.0 shocks, a locking rear differential, and several skid plates.

The rear 3/4 view of a white-black-and-red 2021 Ford Ranger XLT Tremor SuperCrew modified for SEMA
2021 Ford Ranger XLT Tremor SuperCrew rear 3/4 | Ford

The Ford Bronco Sport Finally Tried Off-Roading

This particular Ford Ranger Tremor, though, like the Bronco Sport above, is meant to be an accessory showcase. So, in addition to the standard Tremor features, it also has extra off-road lights, an intake snorkel, and a bed-mounted rack. Said rack can carry not only gear but also a kayak and a mountain bike.

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