Ford Will Show Off Three Unique Edges at SEMA 2015

Source: Ford
Source: Ford

Oh Ford, you lighthearted lover of all things Hot Wheels and purveyor of turbocharged goodness, you really have gone off the deep end this time haven’t you? Nothing says “attention grabbing” quite like letting a trio of award-winning car shops modify a chassis that no one in their right mind would ever attempt to tinker with in the first place.

Available with either a turbocharged 2.0 four-banger or a 315 horsepower, 2.7-liter, twin-turbo V6, this unassuming machine has been completely redesigned for this year, and now the big Blue Oval is letting tuners get a shot at it. It’s delusional, immature, unnecessary, and utterly unorthodox to take a utilitarian urban vehicle like the Edge Sport, and turn it into a candy-coated, real-life slice of something out of Forza, and quite frankly… we love it.

For too long lightweight Honda Civics, fox body Mustangs, and 240SX drift missiles have gotten all the love. It is time we embrace the heavier, unloved cars that sit serenely across America’s unmodified suburban wasteland with the same kind of “so what” attitude that makes dunking your Oreo cookies in your morning coffee all the more rewarding.

Forget that this car may not be the sleekest, lightest, most expensive, or truly unruly automobile you have come across. The 2015 Ford Edge Sport has two turbos, room for all of your friends, tons of tech, a storage space that will hold everyone’s luggage, and a fantastic all-wheel drive system, so screw the elements. The road to Vegas awaits, what will you be driving?

1. Tjin Edition

Source: Ford
Source: Ford

Showcasing a street-ready edition of the Edge, the first Ford on today’s cheat sheet looks more like a fat Focus ST than a compact crossover, and with a fair share of dress-up goods inside, out, and under the hood, this Tjin Edition is going to be a blast to ride along in. Rolling on forged wheels and bottoming-out on air ride suspension, we are curious to see how this build looks in person, as this artist rendering surely does not do it justice.

Unique Fabrication front mount intercooler
Motiv down-pipe
Magnaflow exhaust

Air Lift air suspension
Air Lift Performance 3H air management
Viair 380c compressors
Baer Brakes 6-S front and rear big-brake calipers and rotors

Wheels & Tires
ADV.1 ADV15R  3-piece wheels (22-inch blue faces and gloss black lips)
Falken Ziex S/TZ05 265/40 R22 tires

Axalta Clipper Blue paint job
LightWurkz headlights
Downstar bolts and lug nuts

Custom Alea Leather CT interior
Scosche magic mounts
Safety F1rst brake lights
Optima battery
Thule bags and accessories

2. Ignition by Webasto

Source: Ford
Source: Ford

Sporting more “specs appeal” than a hot librarian, and remaining just as unassuming in certain regards, the Webasto Edge is easily the most modified machine out of the three vehicles heading to SEMA Show this year. Blending luxury and performance together, this particular Edge features more aggressive engine upgrades, along with some really neat and subtly-done aero additions.

Webasto Thermo Top Evo engine pre-heater
Webasto ThermoCall TC3
JMS BoostMAX boost controller
JMS PedalMAX throttle enhancer
SCT Performance ECU calibration
MRT Performance axle-back exhaust
K&N high flow air filter
Sankuer Composite Technologies carbon fiber engine cover
Sankuer Composite Technologies carbon fiber radiator cover

H&R Springs performance suspension
Rotora forged aluminum brake Kit (six-piston front; four-piston rear)
Rotora H2 ceramic brake pads and stainless steel braided brake lines

Wheels & Tires
AG Luxury AGL23 forged monoblock wheels (22-inch x 9-inch)
Toyo Proxes STII 265/35R22 tires

PPG custom paint applied by MRT Performance
Sankuer Composite Technologies carbon fiber front chin spoiler
Sankuer Composite Technologies carbon fiber side rockers
Sankuer Composite Technologies carbon fiber rear diffuser
Sankuer Composite Technologies high flow lower grille
Shadow tinted glass

Webasto H740-II Comfort Inbuilt sunroof
Alea Leather custom leather interior
MRT Performance interior accent package

3. The Vaccar “Orange Scream-cicle”

Source: Ford
Source: Ford

The Vaccar Edge Sport concept is a wild blend of engine mods, VIP-style suspension and wheels, and interior gauge additions and technology. Rocking the most striking exterior styling out of the three cars on today’s list, this car may be our favorite of the three, even if those bright orange wheels are a bit much.

Vaccar prototype true-dual exhaust system
Vaccar prototype twin tube intake kit
K&N high performance chrome air filters
Flowmaster HP-2 mufflers and stainless steel piping

Vaccar prototype air suspension conversion kit
Vaccar prototype rear strut bar
Air Lift Performance AutoPilot V2 digital air management system
Air Lift Performance air struts, air springs, aluminium tank and dual compressors

Wheels & Tires
Rovos Pretoria wheels (22″ x 10.5″)
Continental ExtremeContact DWS06 265/30ZR22 tires

Vaccar exterior theme and emblem set
Vaccar Futura Flat Silver Metallic custom BASF Glasurit paint
Vaccar Brushed Metal custom BASF Glasurit paint partial 2-tone and orange accents
Custom paint and bodywork by Canfield Customs

Vaccar Master Garage custom “floating” air system display
Vaccar prototype center-dash triple gauge pod
Auto Meter American Muscle boost, water temperature and volt meter gauges
Alea Leather complete custom upholstery set

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