The Ford Fusion Is Going, Going,Gone

A few weeks ago, Ford officially stopped production for its 2020 Ford Fusion sedan. The Fusion possesses many desirable qualities, but this car isn’t part of Ford’s master plan. Ford building its last sedan is a sad milestone, but the carmaker is ready to rid itself of the remaining Fusion models. To attract more buyers, Ford has slashed prices on the 2020 Fusion.

You can buy a 2020 Fusion at a discounted price

The new Ford Fusion is displayed at the New York International Auto Show
Ford Fusion | Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Since the coronavirus pandemic intensified, Ford has extended numerous car incentives, especially for the Fusion. Certain models are eligible for a $4K exemption. On top of this, buyers can also finance through Ford credit for 0 percent APR for 72 months. Standard Fusions start at $23,170, while the Fusion Hybrid starts at $28K; the Energi plug-in hybrid retails for $37K.

The Fusion features many powertrain options 

2020 Ford Fusion SE with Appearance Package
2020 Ford Fusion SE with Appearance Package | Ford

So, the Fusion isn’t exactly a standout in its class, but it is a solid performer. The Fusion ranks in the top half of U.S. News’ 2020 midsize car rankings for its smooth and agile handling. This sedan features three different powertrains, not including the hybridized models. 

Standard Fusions come with a 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine that creates 175-horsepower. The base Fusion gets the job done, but the available turbocharged engines make the Fusion more fun to drive. You can opt for the turbocharged 1.5-liter four-cylinder that produces 181-hp or the 245-hp 2.0-liter turbo-four. 

One of the main drawbacks to the conventional Fusion is that it isn’t as fuel-efficient as its rivals. The base Fusion gets an overall 24 mpg. However, the Fusion’s available hybrid powertrains also make it a more attractive option in this department. The Fusion Hybrid has a fuel economy rating of a combined 42 mpg, and the Fusion Energi gets an overall 103 mpg. These fuel-efficient options come at a premium, though. 

It offers a high-quality cabin too

2020 Ford Fusion Titanium interior
2020 Ford Fusion Titanium interior | Ford

The Fusion has an attractive car cabin complete with soft-touch surfaces. Critics also recognize the top-of-the-line Titanium trim, which closely resembles that of the Lincoln MKZ. The Fusion is spacious enough to seat five passengers. Its seats are notably supportive too. 

What makes the Fusion more impressive on the inside is its list of standard active safety equipment. These features include forward collision warning and rear cross-traffic alert. But unfortunately, it doesn’t come with as many infotainment features. You would have to upgrade for features like a wifi hotspot, Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto. 

Could the 2020 Fusion be right for you?

A white Ford Fusion on display
Ford Fusion Hybrid | Raymond Boyd/Getty Images

This Ford Model Deserves More Respect Than You Think

The 2020 Fusion’s solid performance offerings and dependability ratings make it a good choice for a new midsize car. Other new models are more well-rounded, such as the Kia Optima and the Toyota Camry. The Optima comes with more in-car electronics, and the Camry is better on fuel economy. 

Ford’s latest incentives on the Fusion are appealing. However, you should also know that the Fusion primarily sticks out in its class for its high depreciation rates, making it a better choice to buy used. This is something to keep in mind before making a new car purchase.