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Towing and hauling are one of the most significant aspects of a truck. Whether or not your pickup can pull that trailer or carry that load is vitally important. However, not every model is equipped to handle massive amounts of weight. One Ford truck just broke towing and payload capacity records when properly equipped, of course. Did you know that when the 2023 Ford Super Duty is properly equipped, it can tow more than any other truck from the factory? Don’t worry; its payload capacity is just as impressive with a slightly modified configuration.

Which Ford truck broke towing and payload records?

2023 Ford F-250 Tremor. Ford Super Duty trucks just broke towing and payload records.
Ford F-250 Tremor | Ford

According to Kelley Blue Book, the 2023 Ford Super Duty can tow 40,000 pounds when properly equipped. However, you’ll need a particular configuration to get this type of performance. The truck is breaking records with its capability using a new high-output diesel engine capable of producing 1,200 pound-feet of torque. KBB called the 40,000-pound mark “the sound barrier of towing,” and Ford broke it, setting new towing capacity records.

In addition, hauling weight around is just as easy using the new Super Duty. Its maximum payload capacity is 8,000 pounds, but it also requires a unique configuration from the factory. With this kind of weight capability, you’ll never need to worry about what’s going in your truck. Gravel, rock, dirt, metal, wood, you name it, everything and more can fit in the cargo bed. Does this make the Ford Super Duty an ideal work truck?

How to configure a record-setting 2023 Ford Super Duty

Ford Super Duty towing a trailer. Ford Super Duty trucks just broke towing and payload records.
A Ford Super Duty truck and trailer | Ford

First, the best way to get the most towing capacity is with the new diesel engine. KBB says buyers should choose a 2023 Ford F-450 Regular Cab with the available 6.7-liter High Output Power Stroke V8 Diesel engine and the Max Tow package, then put the weight on a gooseneck trailer.

This configuration is available straight from the factory and can tow an outstanding amount of weight. KBB noted that it’s the same amount of weight as 30 Holstein cows, six female African elephants, and about five identical trucks to the one doing the towing.

Next, the setup is slightly different for the maximum payload capacity of 8,000 pounds. Buyers must opt for a 2023 Ford F-350 dual-rear-wheel regular cab 4×2 with the gas Heavy-Duty Payload package.

The automaker hasn’t revealed the truck’s curb weight yet, but the model started at around 7,700 pounds. With that in mind, KBB pointed out that these Super Duty pickups could carry a second one home with you if it fits in the cargo bed.

What were the previous towing and payload records?


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According to KBB, the 2022 Ram 3500 HD held the previous towing record. It can pull a maximum weight of 37,050 pounds straight from the factory. However, Ford’s record-breaking payload capacity beat its own previous record. The 2022 Super Duty can haul a maximum of 7,850 pounds. Both records are now broken, belonging to Ford. As a result, the automaker thinks it can drive sales as “Super Duty pickups make up more than half of America’s construction fleet.”

Are you impressed that a Ford truck broke towing and payload records? Does this change your mind about your next work truck? For construction, concrete, and other heavy-duty jobs, the 2023 Ford Super Duty might be the best option.