Ford Transit vs. Nissan NV: What’s the Best Cargo Van for Your Fleet?

After the recent release of the all-new 2020 Ford Transit, there’s a good chance that finding a good deal on a 2019 Transit will be an easy feat. But there are other commercial van options with compelling features and low prices. One of which is the Nissan cargo van. Let’s take a look at the Ford Transit vs. the Nissan NV in their 2019 model year to see which one is the better option for a commercial fleet.

white Ford fleet vans on display
BRUSSELS, BELGIUM – Ford range of Light Commercial Vehicles in various bod styles including the Transit Van | Sjoerd van der Wal/Getty Images

The 2020 Nissan NV has the cheapest starting price of all the new cargo vans. However, let’s take a look and see if this remains true when we go back a model year to 2019. Which van is going to cost you more out of the gate?

Nissan NV vs. Ford Transit pricing

For a 2020 Ford Transit Cargo van, Edmunds posts a price range of $34,510 – $50,905. Its page for the 2020 Nissan NV Cargo posts a much lower range of $29,890 – $38,310. If you want to save a bit, you may want to opt for a 2019 model year instead.

white high roof Nissan Cargo van
Nissan NV | Nissan Media

Here’s the low down on Ford Transit vs. Nissan NV pricing for the 2019 model year. The one year old Ford Transit gets a little price break with a range of $33,135 – $42,205 according to Edmunds. Most of your savings will be seen if you opt for some of the upper level configurations. But you won’t have available AWD or the crew cab option on any Transit model older than 2020.

The 2019 Nissan NV is priced ranging from $29,440 – $37,960, according to Edmunds. If pricing is your sole concern, the Nissan NV looks like the best choice in terms of its initial price to buy. However, the Ford Transit does offer more engine options for better fuel economy. This may mean the Transit is more economical long term.

A gray Ford Transit with a custom roof mount driving through the city
Ford Transit | Ford Media

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Which cargo van has the best fuel economy?

The Nissan NV vs. the Ford Transit in terms of fuel economy might be a deal breaker. Though the 2019 NV does offer a powerful V8 which provides class-leading towing power, it doesn’t offer the option of a more fuel efficient diesel engine. Edmunds points out that the Nissan NV V6 offers plenty of power for hauling and cruising around from job to job, but that the V8 packs a little more exciting heat.

The Ford Transit offers a much wider variety of engine options, including a turbo-charged 3.2 liter diesel powered inline 5-cylinder. This is a powerful option with much higher fuel efficiency than the Nissan options. Still, the Nissan NV tows up to 9,400 pounds when equipped with the diesel engine. The Ford Transit offers stellar utility, but its max tow rating of 7,500 pounds. The 2019 Ford Transit is the best cargo van between the two for fuel economy, but the the 2019 Nissan NV is the best cargo van for towing.

a gray Nissan NV in the city
Nissan NV Cargo | Nissan Media/CarBuzz

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The best commercial van for your fleet

Considering the Nissan NV vs. the Ford Transit, which is the best cargo van for your fleet? If you want to spend less money and get something with a solid truck platform and a robust V8 that provides a strong towing capacity, the Nissan NV may be your top choice. On the other hand, the pricier Ford Transit on its uniquely capable unibody frame is a more comfortable, and efficient option.

A red 2020 Ford Transit Cargo driving over a bridge
2020 Ford Transit Cargo | Ford Media

The Ford Transit vs. the Nissan NV in terms of payload and cargo space may change your decision as well. The 2019 Ford Transit has a max payload of 4,640 pounds and a max cargo volume of 487.2 cubic feet, according to Ford. The 2019 Nissan NV can haul a load of up to 323 cubic feet cargo volume with a max payload of 3,850 pounds. They are both solid utilitarian vans, but the specific needs and priorities of your business will decide which is the best cargo van for your fleet.