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Many folks are buying an RV and looking to join the van life. Ford has now entered the market. Their vans have been popular for commercial use for years, and many folks have converted their Ford van into camper vans. Ford has seen their efforts and is looking to make that process easier by releasing the Ford Transit Trail, which will be an excellent vehicle for folks who love van life. 

The Ford Transit Trail is coming soon to America

The 2023 Ford Transit Trail interior showing it is a great DIY RV.
2023 Ford Transit Trail | Ford Media Center

According to New Atlas, Ford has recently teased fans about the upcoming arrival of the Ford Transit Trail. It isn’t a brand-new van, but a trim of the Transit. On top of that, Ford vans are more popular in Europe than in America. Therefore, the Transit Trail debuted in Europe in 2020. Since then, it’s been rumored that Ford will eventually bring the Transit Trail to America, and now it has been confirmed.

The Transit Trail is set to debut in the U.S. for the 2023 model year. Van shoppers interested in buying one should be able to get their hands on it in November 2022. Overall, the Transit Trail is described as a “turnkey canvas” that allows motorhome distributors and anyone interested in DIY to easily turn the van into the camper van of their dreams. 

What’s known about the Ford Transit Trail so far

While the Transit Trail is already available in Europe, it’s currently unknown what changes Ford has made to the van for its American release. However, it should have some of the same features the Transit Trail in Europe has. For example, the front-wheel drive version of the European Transit Trail has a standard mechanical limited-slip differential. This should help the van be more stable in slippery road conditions. 

The rear-wheel drive version of the European Transit Trail has the option of an intelligent all-wheel drive system that can improve the van’s grip. Since Ford suggested that the American Transit Trail would be ready for adventures, it will likely have similar changes under the hood. The Transit Trail also comes with some cosmetic changes. For example, the European version has black cladding on the sides and bumpers, new badging, and a Raptor-style grille.

In terms of cosmetics, there already seems to be some differences between the European version and the American version. Like New Atlas wrote, in Ford’s teaser for the Transit Trail’s upcoming American debut, the van has a different grille. Instead of the Raptor-style grille, there’s a “Blue Oval-badged honeycomb grille with central bar and integrated lighting.” 

Here are some extra tips about the DIY van life

The Transit Trail will be a great starting point for anyone interested in DIY camper vans. One of the great things about these types of vans is that, compared to an RV at a dealership, DIY camper vans can be customized however you want. This may not only save you money, but it may also make the vehicle more personal to you. 

There are many ways to spruce up a DIY van, and a lot of it is up to what you want or are capable of. More experienced folks may be comfortable building a conversion themselves. However, less experienced folks may want to take advantage of ready-made kits that simplify the process. On top of that, it’s also possible to go with a no-build route. Those DIY camper vans still have some changes, but carpentry won’t be necessary.


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