The Ford Transit Connect Micro Camper Crams a Lot Into a Little Space

You’ve probably heard about someone who took the plunge and sold nearly all of their possessions to live in a camper van. Van life has become relatively mainstream, with all kinds of folks choosing to live on the open road. You might think living in a tiny space is a huge inconvenience, but vehicles like the Ford Transit Connect micro camper make the lifestyle easy.

What’s all the hype about van life?

Two 2021 Ford Transit Connect vans next to a body of water
2021 Ford Transit Connect | Ford Motor Company

The past few years have seen a significant shift in the way people work and live. Long gone are the days of the traditional life goals of the house, car, and kids. Many millennials are choosing to forge their own path in life and take a different direction. 

With housing prices continuing to increase, the thought of having a smaller payment and a smaller footprint really appeals to many people. Being able to live and work while seeing the world has a real attraction.

That’s especially true with many employers today allowing for remote work and many younger people choosing to go the non-traditional route with earning money and freelancing. Van life is even more appealing when you can live your life from anywhere with a Wi-Fi connection.

People now realize the value of experiences over possessions and have chosen to embrace that ethos to the fullest. Living the van life and having a new view every morning is many people’s ultimate dream.

The Ford Transit Connect micro camper is the definition of #vanlife

Not only are more people able to live the van life because of work and family choices, but there are also more options than ever for your own home on wheels. Some people opt for larger campers or even tiny ones, but sometimes bigger isn’t always better.

The Ford Transit Connect micro camper has everything you could want in a home on wheels, with the versatility of a conventional van. You won’t have to worry about fitting into your next campsite or stress about hitching your pull-behind on move day. With the Ford Transit Connect, you simply get in and go.

This camper van comes ready to let you live van life to its fullest with all the amenities of home. It has an ingenious space-saving design that gives you a bench for seating and workspace during the day but folds out into the perfect bed at night. Adding to the functionality and practical use of space is a platform next to the bed that acts as a nightstand for storage and also houses a toilet, Motor1 reports.

Directly across from the seating area is a counter for food prep and a sink with a magnetic faucet that can extend outside for outdoor showers. The refrigerator is neatly tucked away under the counter, making it easily accessible but out of the way. 

The Ford Transit Connect may be smaller than traditional campers and RVs, but it delivers in a big way on style, use of space, and maneuverability.

Sales explode thanks to new lifestyles


Ford Has a Transit Model Specifically Made for Camper Vans

With the rise in van life, the demand for camper vans has continued to explode. In fact, the Ford Transit Connect appeared on a surprising list last year as one of the best-selling vehicles in America. 

Car and Driver released its list of the top-selling vehicles of 2020, and the Ford Transit Van ranked 24th out of 25. Being a full-sized van with a reasonable starting price of $36,000 makes it stand out from the usual vehicles on the list. 

This rise in popularity of loaded camper vans is proof that the lifestyle is taking off in a big way. The Ford Transit Connect is a top choice thanks to its reasonable MSRP, multiple customization options, and reliability.