Ford Tops Canada Auto Market in Record 2013


In a year that saw Canadian auto sales hit record highs, Ford was the company taking home the top prize north of the U.S. border, Reuters reports, citing DesRosier Automotive sales stats. The Canada market was buoyed mainly by the strength of truck sales as the overall industry grew 4 percent as a whole in 2013. Ford carried a great deal of that record load with its dominant F-Series truck line.

Ford found itself in perfect position to capitalize on Canadian demand for pickups in 2013. Overall, Canadians pushed truck sales up 7 percent over 2012 sales while car sales showed no marked increase on the year. According to DesRosiers, the Ford F-150 managed to beat out the entire brand sales of companies such as Mazda (MZDAF.PK) and Nissan (NSANY.PK). Overall, Ford sold 122,325 F-Series trucks in Canada in 2013, which marked an increase of 15 percent over 2o12.

Chrysler’s (FIATY.PK) Ram brand was the second-best-selling truck line in Canada on the year, posting gains of 16 percent with 80,248 trucks sold. Though Canadians leaned toward pickups more than any other vehicle, auto buyers showed a marked preference for certain cars.

According to ReutersGeneral Motors  had plenty of reasons to celebrate its 2013 performance in Canada, posting 44.6 percent sales growth for its Cadillac brand on the year. The automaker also posted impressive 17 percent gains in December, a month that featured declines for many car companies in the U.S, GM included.

Other star performers included Toyota’s  Lexus line and the breakout Ford Fusion, which led the pack in sales to Canada’s south in Michigan. The Honda  Civic turned out to be the best-selling vehicle on the year in Canada with 164,236 models sold, outpacing the F-Series trucks by over 40,000 units.

Nonetheless, 2013 was Ford’s year in Canada. The Dearborn-based automaker laid claim to the top-selling brand in the United States on the strength of F-150 truck sales, and the same vehicle propelled Ford to capture the sales crown to its north. In terms of overall scale, the U.S. market closed at 15.4 million vehicles sold on the year, while Canada’s record 2013 featured 1.74 million sales.