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Technicians at various Ford Service Centers now have a new way to help solve problems that arise while fixing Ford SUVs and trucks. A new headset allows these techs to communicate directly with the Technical Assistance Center in Dearborn, MI while working on a Ford vehicle. This new system can allow the engineer in Michigan to help diagnose the problem and offer solutions to the tech.

The Ford SWIS system stands for See What I See, and it helps technicians save time

Ford Technician Working on a Vehicle Wearing the SWIS Headset
Ford Technician Working on a Vehicle | Ford

The new communication system being used by Ford technicians is a headset with a small screen attached to it. This system takes the place of what used to require a phone call anytime a tech ran into a problem that couldn’t be solved at the service center.

The headset has a camera attached to allow the Ford engineers in Detroit to see exactly what the service technician is looking at. The communication is instant, direct, and allows Ford technicians to finish the job. This means faster repairs for Ford vehicle owners.

What was the older way for Ford technicians to solve unusual problems?

The use of this new SWIS headset allows direct communication for Ford technicians with experts at the Ford headquarters. In the past, a phone call was required. This led to over-the-phone advice, and potential emails going back and forth. Sometimes the Technical Assistance Center teams had to travel to the service center to guide technicians through the repair.

Thankfully, with the use of the new SWIS headset, these in-store visits are becoming obsolete.

Warranty repairs approved much faster when Ford technicians use the SWIS headset

Tech Using the SWIS Headset
Tech Using the SWIS Headset | Ford

Whether the question involves covered warranty work or a recall that requires approval from the TAC, using the SWIS headset can make things go much faster. The technician can use the headset for direct communication and receive approval or disapproval for warranty repairs and recall corrections.

Where is Ford using the SWIS headset?

Currently, Ford has this new communication system in place in the United States, Canada, South Africa, the UK, Puerto Rico, Taiwan, and Australia. This global reach means faster communication, less travel for the TAC team, and much faster repairs. Ford customers that bring their vehicles to branded service centers won’t be without their vehicles for as long as they would have under the previous process.

Can Ford use the SWIS headset to train new technicians?

Yes, Ford can use a network of SWIS headsets to allow these new techs to learn virtually. Virtual learning is much better than sending techs to a central location for training. The experts in Detroit can lead classes. This cuts down on lag time during training. This allows Ford and its technicians to be much more versatile.

The new Ford SWIS headset is changing the way automotive technicians complete their job. This faster communication means Ford vehicles spend less time in the shop and more time on the road.

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