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Manufacturers offering a sort of orientation isn’t a new thing. Ferrari will give you a track day if you buy one of their cars, complete with instruction. So will Toyota, should you buy a new GR 86. Now, Ford will show you the ropes in your new Bronco off-road. Rather, “Off-Rodeo” as Ford calls it. Registration for the first event at Horseshoe Bay in Austin, Texas is now open, with June 28, 2021, selected at the start date.

What is Ford’s Off-Rodeo?

The grille of the Bronco, with the word written across the fron
The subtle grille of the new Bronco | Ford

New owners of the Bronco and Bronco Sport will be able to attend this Off-Rodeo and learn how to hoon around in the dirt while under the watchful eye of “industry experts” according to the American brand. As said above, the event will take place at Horseshoe Bay in Austin, a resort built around the southern branch of the massive Colorado River, with plenty of adverse terrain to offer, as well as cushy resort accommodations.

Instruction will be given on several of the new Ford Bronco’s features, like G.O.A.T modes and an EV-like one pedal terrain driving assist. Evidently, the former requires a little more explanation. G.O.A.T stands for “Goes Over All-Terrain” and refers to the Bronco’s drive selection modes with settings for a range of terrain types. However, the single pedal mode seems pretty self-explanatory. The Bronco will slow to a crawl without any brake input from the driver. A nice touch, especially in models with the 7-speed stick shift.

Let your Bronco run free

The Bronco interior with no roof or doors and a manual transmission
The manual transmission in the Bronco | Ford

While the expertly crafted routes through the Texan countryside are a freebie for buyers, the act of getting there isn’t, so be prepared to pony up a little more cash. Bronco customers are responsible for their own transportation to and from Horseshoe, as well as a stay at the resort. Presently, a room is going to run you right around $300 a night.

However, Texas isn’t your only option as a newly minted Bronco owner. Ford’s website lists Moab as another destination, as well as an unspecified location in the northeast and Mt. Posoti in Nevada. Both will take place presumably after the inaugural Texas event. It’s certainly not a bad way to spend a weekend. Thankfully, Bronco owners will get a $250 voucher to cover expenses, which makes the trip significantly cheaper should you only stay for the night.

Learn to off-road before you go

The yellow Ford Bronco plays sideways in the sand
The Bronco, sans doors | Ford

Ford is taking a two-pronged approach with the Off-Rodeo, offering a tutorial for both new owners and new offroaders alike. Frankly, it’s not a terrible idea to teach new off-roaders some trail etiquette and safety techniques. Off-roading can be a perilous sport if mishandled, so it is strongly recommended you educate yourself before attempting for the first time. That said, the Off-Rodeo promises to be a fun and unique way to draw in potential Bronco buyers, and make loyalists of the existing ones.


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